A California State of Mind...

image via Caitlin's instagram

Audrey, Millie and I are off on a little mother/daughter trip to San Francisco tomorrow wherein we will spend time with this lovely lady and this one too, inhale some eucalyptus, revel in the scenery, hit some shops, recharge in the salt air, nosh some dim sum, and just generally bond.

I am so excited to show my girlies my soul place, my most. favorite. city. for the first time. Counting the minutes.



I'm smitten with Calder,  Amanda Blake's line of artist-inspired (think: Nakashima and Arp) understated, made-to-last cotton basics.

But I'm especially loving her look books. The art direction and styling is perfection... No surprise given that Collection 2 was shot by Blakes's cousin-in-law Sophia Coppola in her elegant, minimal (totally. freaking. perfect.) New York apartment.

And then there's collection 3 shot by Patrick Fraser in Jason Schwartzman and Brady Cunningham's killer mid-century abode. I'm not gonna lie friends, this situation is inducing some serious house envy... it makes me want to rip everything out of my house and totally start over.

Thinking it make more sense to just by the black dress in that second image below.

Thanks Amanda...


SWOON on Rue Daily

photos by Heather Hawkins for Rue Daily

And speaking of getting to work with one of your best friends...

Sam and I chatted a bit about that very thing in a little Q&A featured on Rue Daily. Oh and there are lots of snaps of the studio and our lovely and amazing co-workers.


Girl Crush(es): Claudia Dey & Heidi Sopinka

image via boots and pine

photo by Kristin Sjaarda for Flare

There really is nothing more magical, more inspiring and rewarding than getting to work alongside one of my best friends. Even on the craziest days, knowing that she's got my back just sort of diffuses the insanity. So Claudia Dey and Heidi Sopinka, the best friends (and immensely creative, totally bad ass, effortlessly cool ladies) behind fashion line Horses are a collective girl crush especially near and dear to my heart.

The mothers/writers/designers count Patti Smith, David Bowie, Bianca Jagger, Francoise Hardy, and Blondie among their icons; have collectively worked has a helicopter pilot, playwright, and cook in lumber camps; and have been described (by Flare writer Miranda Purves) as having "impeccable, decisive taste, self-styling genius, can-do fingers, and the work ethic of 16th-century Calvinists."

Somehow "the work ethic of  16th-century Calvinists" is what really sealed the deal for me.

Totally crush-worthy, yes?


Some Scenes...

Richard Serra prints go up in a client's entry

temporarily disguising the "under construction" aquarium action at my house...

a quad of Linnea Glatt's stunning works

Millie's rock-my-world valentine for me and Bryan...

a few quite "moments" from a favorite client install

With five different installs over a four week period, we're in a sort of "power mode" at the studio. But along with all the attending power moves (i.e. the rearranging of extremely heavy furnishings after your professional movers have left the building, the flipping of massive rugs, the rigging and schlepping and hauling and scheming and sweating) come what I like to call the sanity moves.

Yes, I'm talking about the vignettes friends -- my moment of zen among the chaos of, well, everything else. Just let me move a vase 1/8 of an inch a few times and I'm golden. Who knew my OCD would serve me so well.



Leigh Patterson and Alexa Hotz's gorgeous marble studies in A Piece Apart's pre-spring magazine but especially the antidote to design ennui. Arrange and rearrange friends (and then rearrange that action again... and again).

Photography by Lachlan Bailey

Alastair McKimm's perfect styling and the beautiful art direction in the WSJ magazine's Spring fashion shoot.

Tiro Tiro's awsome Cercis necklace...

Jens Preusse

Matthias Kaiser's earthy, wonky, surrealistic, color saturated, completely and totally badass ceramics. (Via T Magazine). In a sea of earnest ceramics, Kaiser has managed to pull off something that feels totally and completely unique.

And in one more from the WSJ Magazine, 90-year-old art world darling Etel Adnan's killer work. We should be idolizing more 90-year-olds. Youth is boring.


Ilse Crawford for IKEA...

images via Lonny

Umm... Yes please. I'll take the daybed, a cork bench, a couple cork stools, and a few pieces of that black pottery for starters. Well played Ilse, well played.


Some Scenes...

The vintage stash at Loloi...

A client's powder room in progress

Dunbar and Aerin and Surls, oh my... A still favorite moment from a recent client install.

This past weekend was a blur of epic bake sale having (Audrey, with more than a little assistance from me), Valentine making (both girlies, with a lot of assistance from me), and a continuation of operation "get my freaking closet put back together again" (more on that later).

And then, poof (a la Keyser Soze), just like that it was gone.

We're back into the full swing of the week now...two big installs going down and lots of sourcing for upcoming projects in between. Oh so much pretty stuff out there friends. It's almost painful really.



J.J. Martin's genius online vintage shop-cum-editorial goodness, La DoubleJ. Think: curated vintage finds mixed with spot-on new designer pieces photographed on Martin's chicest Milanese friends (aka Great, Gorgeous Girls, Legendary Ladies and Milanese culturati).

And with copy like this "Illustrator Liselotte Watkins is a Nordic-Inspired antidote to Milanese propriety," the site is more than just a pretty face. You actually want to read every. single. word. (via Keep it Chic.)

Commune's brilliant work on Irene Neuwrith's new L.A. shop.

Justin Chung's inside look at "lives, spaces and stories of creative individuals." I'm not gonna lie, I never get tired of the whole voyeuristic peek into studios/homes of designers, artists and the like.. Let's just say it's my Keeping up with the Kardashians.

The cozy zone that is Zara's long knitted cardigan...

Athena Calderone's cheese plate as Flemish still life over at The Line


Earth: Water/Mountain (Or Yet Another Chance to Write About Rocks and Inspiring Ladies)

That in the past week I've gotten all misty over big slabs of stone (and other pretty things found in nature) and marveled at my good fortune in having a cadre of wickedly creative/lovely/inspiring lady friends seems awfully timely given last night's adventures.

My (creative/lovely/inspiring) friend, jewelry designer Julie Cohn along with the (equally creative/lovely/inspiring) stylist Jan Yeung invited Sam and I and a group of our friends to a private preview of the upcoming exhibit EARTH: Water/ Mountain -- Artists Studies of Nature at Jan's pop-up gallery 33at2133.

The show features 33 objects that "reveal artist's perspective on nature through fine art, functional objects created from nature, symbols of nature, landscapes and design."

Among the insanely beautiful creations are a Qing dynasty scholar's rock, lacquered stones, Julie's stunning wearable works of art, a Nakashima bench, Jan's husband Ka Yeung's exquisite photographs and "Insincere Landscapes," and one of Il Lee's memorizing ballpoint works. And friends, every. single. piece. totally and completely blew my mind.

Full stop.

My Dallas friends can take in the exhibit (and purchase pieces) at 33at2133 this Friday from 6:30 to 9 pm and Saturday from 1 to 6 pm or by appointment for a limited time. I would highly recommend an in-person visit (see: "totally and completely blew my mind").

The rest of you lovely peeps can see the show in its entirety (and yes also purchase, and trust me, you will want to purchase something) on the the gallery's website starting Saturday.

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of some of the loveliness.

Thank you Jan and Julie for the wholly magical evening.

Ka Yeung's photography

Ka Yeung's "Insincere Lanscapes"

A piece by the incomparable Il Lee

Some of my amazing studio mates

Julie Cohn's beautiful jewelry