Loving: All Stitched Up Edition

A mishap involving some plant watering, a slippery patio, and a serious lack of grace landed me at the emergency room Sunday afternoon getting three stitches in my shin. Good times.

Surprisingly, in addition to the pain (actually not that bad) and the humiliation (worse than the pain), I felt a bit of the bad assery, as I've gone four decades without a single stitch, and now I feel like I have an official battle wound. Of course my battle is aiding wilting plants trying to survive the punishing Texas heat, but it's a battle nonetheless...

So in honor of my stitches I'm going to love on some knots again (this is becoming a bit of a trend for me -- the knots, not the stitches...hopefully -- witness here and here).

Let's start with Liz Robb's insanely lovely fiber art above (via Remodelista). Her instagram has become one of my faves. Just full of goodness...

Then there's the matter of Electric Feather's insanely chic knotty Infinite Halter Top.

And my beautiful and talented friend Amy Nordstrom's Lattice Cuff. I wear that bad boy nearly every. single. day.

Also a bit enamored of Callahan's lovely crochet dresses...

and a still life of sculptural knotted accessories, both via Lisa Says Gah (a favorite new online shop and blog)...Obsessed. Full stop.

And last but not least, my go-to summer weekend tote in all it's rope-tastic, macrame goodness...


Foodie Perfection

My obsession with everything happening in Bon Appétit continues... Adam Rapport is still just killing it in every way. I'm especially smitten with the spread on L’Arpège chef Alain Passard in the July issue. The photos by Michael Graydon + Nikole Herriot, the art direction, all of it. Total perfection. Full stop.

Well played BA.


Axel is On To Something...

bottom two images via garance dore...

Ok,ok Axel Vervoordt is on to a lot of things (the man is a genius), but this one thing that he's on to particularly resonated with me this week...

Etre heureux en rendant heureux 
(or  finding happiness through creating happiness)

The  adage is apparently Axel's favorite, as it expresses his design firm's commitment to "inspire artists and audiences through discovering and transmitting the beautiful, with a deep respect for everything that is authentic."

"Discovering and transmitting the beautiful" might be the best. description. ever. for the practice of design. And doing it to create happiness in other people? Well, that's pretty much the ultimate goal... I mean what else is there?

Thanks for the reminder Axel.


Pinterest As Self Discovery (Or Holy Sh*& I'm Digging Green)

image via jonas ingerstedt

image via mix and chic

image via habitually chic

image via turbulences

image via sight unseen

image via c home

image via my domaine

image via mark d sikes

When a client comes to us without a clear sense of what they love, we get them on the Pinterest, stat. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

Don't focus solely on interiors, we instruct them, just pin images that make you happy. We also encourage them not to curate or to go back and look at their boards right away. Just pin, pin, pin, and we'll be able to figure it out.

It's interesting to see what bubbles up -- The self-proclaimed minimalist who's pinned the hell out of tables teaming with accessories; the glam obsessed who's earmarked sparse, earthy images. It's the ultimate exercise in self-discovery, sussing out latent aesthetic leanings. It's my favorite game; and it almost always works.

So, it should be no surprise that a spin through my own Pinterest yesterday revealed a previously unknown predilection toward green. Those images above are but a smattering... Emerald, moss, loden, forest, sage -- they were all there. Over and over.

Now, I have never had anything but kind words for green. I'm a fan. Heck, at one point my breakfast and guest rooms were swathed in the fair hue. But of late, green has not been my jam. I'm not working it into my house, I'm not working it into client's houses (save a pair of killer kelly green vintage Parsons console tables that belonged to the wife of a Dallas Cowboy from the 1960s...clearly I had to use those bad boys). It's just not in my head space.

Or so I thought.

Pinterest has proved otherwise. I'm apparently feeling the green friends. And, truth be told, I'm a little bit scared. Who knows what will happen next...(Bottle green master bedroom anyone?) Stay tuned.


A Simplified Summer

image via the line...

"Hot as hell" and "summer in Texas" might as well be interchangeable, so you'd think my go-to summer uniform would be one of those barely-there sundresses below... And yet, my daily get up veers decidedly more in the direction of that dress over jeans action above.

See, in my line of work, a typical day can involve a fancy client meeting (add a blazer and some wedges), a muddy site visit (ditch the blazer and swap the wedges for some rubber flip flops that I can rinse off), and some serious schlepping and hauling (keep the flip flops, sweat my ass off, and hope for the best). It's pretty much foolproof friends.

Inspired by a Q&A over on the Anaise blog in which designer Mary Chan of Studio Bartleby shares her summer essentials (rose water and tea tree oil, cotton dresses, sandals, straw hat, sparkling water, orange juice, pesto), I thought I'd go beyond the dress over jeans and share a few other things that are currently helping me get me through the hot as hell, ahem summer in Texas.

Herewith the survival kit...

cherries. holy kombucha. dr. hauschka clarifying day oil. milky chance. a big stack of turkish beach towels (they dry fast, and we spend a lot of time in the pool). lime topo chico. elta md uv clear spf. my library card. toasted sesame seeds. air conditioning(!)

(Did I mention it's as hot as hell?)

What's on your list?



Adam Silverman's drool-worthy custom vases for Chateau Marmont...

Summer dress perfection from Horses Atelier (but really, everything they do is perfection).

Jenni Kayne's book stack goodness (and that little smattering of pottery isn't half bad either).

Brook Morgan's gorgeous Bent Not Broken at Nomad Collective.

OPENHOUSE magazine via You Have Been Here Sometime. A magazine exploring the intersection of design, art, and food and the spaces where the design/art/food action gets created by interesting, inspiring people... Ummm, yes please.


New Necklaces Over On Vee Caravan

Hope you are having a lovely Father's Day friends.

If, after the celebrating of your hubby and/or pops, you happen to be in the mood for a bit of retail therapy this fine weekend, I have new batch of tassel necklaces, a smattering of beaded tassel bracelets, and a few new black ceramic and brass bead necklaces available over on Vee Caravan.


From Inspiration to Reality (Or 1530 Main -- The Joule Hotel's New Publication)

One of the best parts of working at a multi-disciplinary design studio is getting to toggle between such varied creative projects and do a little left brain/right brain switch-a-roo. While my days are largely filled with interiors endeavors, I also jump in on event design (a whole other animal) and some of our branding projects.

Friends, I looove the branding stuff. Love. It. I also happen to love magazines -- reading them, looking at them, re-reading them, making them. (I especially enjoy the making them situation.) So the fact that one of our most kick-ass branding clients, The Joule Hotel (a new website it also in the works), asked us to help them create a publication for their guests, well, was pretty much nirvana.

The result, 1530 Main, is pictured above, from brainstorming session to birthed piece. It was collaboration at its best. Can't wait for issue two.


Wisdom...According to Jesse, Jeana, and Louise

image via Ye Rin Mok via Apiece Apart

I found myself scrolling through Apiece Apart's lovely Product Stories for far longer than I'd like to admit this weekend. (Hey, it was rainy, Internet binging is acceptable on rainy days, yes?)

Especially good are the profiles, with their gorgeous voyeuristic photos and poignant little nuggets of wisdom. My favorites below...

On balance and simplicity via clothing designer Jesse Kamm:

In my life, I know that I deserve to be a sane person, and I do not want to take anxiety medication to survive my year. I know that I need time away to be sane, so I take it. Not because I am spoiled, but because I value my existence as a happy, balanced person. Everyone deserves this.

These are a few things I do during the year, so that I can afford to spend it elsewhere: I buy fine pieces that cost more, but which are well built, because I know that the price-per-wear will end up in my favor, and I do not shop frivolously. I don’t go out to lots of fancy dinners. I don’t get manicures and pedicures. We all choose how to allocate our earnings, and I choose to save mine for leisure, because that is what makes me happy. My life is luxurious, but not in the way most people see luxury. It is luxurious because I have freedom, and for me, freedom is wealth.

image by Stella Berkofsky for Apiece Apart

Fearless creating and the secret to marriage happiness per artist Louise Bonnet:

A painter friend sent me this link to a letter Sol Lewitt sent to Eva Hesse and it basically is the best thing relating to work I have ever read. In short: not being afraid to make bad stuff, just do it. Not trying to be cool, but making your own uncool. To shock yourself at how bad you can be and see where it goes. Also important for life; go on date night. A babysitter is cheaper than a divorce lawyer.

image by Laure Joilet for Apiece Apart

Photographer Jeana Sohn's golden rules:

Be polite. Learn everyday. Always treat people who work for you well. Give.


Lise Silva (i.e. the maker of our current obsession)

We have a tendency to fall into group obsessions at the studio. Recent objects of our collective fixation have included Topo Chico,  staghorn ferns, Raquel Allegra, the Evan with chicken at Taco Joint, and Le Labo Santal 33 (we're all about the high/low).

Of late, Lise Silva's knotted necklaces have joined the list.

It started with that ivory "vibration knot" action above. I almost bought it at Christine's pop up shop a few weeks ago, but in a rare moment of responsibility and frugality, I decided to abstain from purchasing. Sam showed up at the same pop up a couple of hours later and snapped it up. Catie also coveted the "vibration knot" but ended up ordering the "entrance knot" online.  She and Sam eventually traded necklaces and currently have them in heavy rotation. Watching the two of them sport their Silva's has made me totally regret my initial decision. (Who am I kidding... I'm jealous every time I see one of them donning that groovy fiber goodness.)

I may have just purchased my own Silva.

Photos forthcoming.

Lise Silva's Double Coin Knot Blue Moon and Trio of Double Coin Knots at Vee Caravan.



image via style.com

Narcisco Rodriguez Resort

ebay (And sadly, no longer available)...

photo by Brittany Ambridge via Domino Magazine

Georgia O'Keefe's house... (A visit is officially on my bucket list.)


If Money Were No Object...

It would be all about the Céline.

Just sayin'.