Some Scenes...

That it's Thursday and I'm only just now getting around to posting scenes from last weekend is proof that things are flying by at warp speed around here. Yesterday it was summer, and now I'm all searching for vintage tinsel on the interwebs and planning Christmas craft parties. Heck, half the time I don't remember what I did yesterday (actually I don't remember what I did this morning).

Friends, I'm desperate for a pause button.

I did manage to pause for a nanosecond last Sunday to read and savor my coffee and just sort of stare into space (i.e. photo three above). The blissful spell of reflective solitude lasted all of 30 minutes before things kicked into decidedly un-Sunday like turbo mode at the Taylor house. But 30 minutes is 30 minutes. I'll take it. I'm not complaining. I just need to find 30 more. Stat.


Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Stunning, Gorgeous

Love everything about FAYCE Textiles. All of it.


Well played Kim Rosen. Well played.


Loving...On A Tuesday

For this week's loving list whattya say we marinate in beautiful spaces: studios belonging to creative wunderkinds, genius interiors conjured by genius designers, and achingly lovely storefronts. Cool?

Above two photographs by Floto and Warner

First up, a fan favorite in one Ms. Jenna Lyons' office. Specifically Mme. Lyons' inspiration board and work table (and line up of what appears to be Birkenstok-esque prototypes) via Vanity Fair.

Then the dreamily minimal dining area crafted by DISC Interiors. The Brook and Lyn weaving is a show stopper.

 Also digging the peek into Nickey Kehoe's design offices via Domaine.

Also a bit obsessed with Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen's graphic, highly textured space via The Playing Circle.

 Celine's Soho shop via Garance... Perhaps the most beautiful storefront of. all. time.

And last but not least designer Philip Lim's chic, sun-drenched atelier via Vogue.


Makers Gotta Make

For the past few days, the studio's been awash in wire and coral and feathers and netting and various other bits of flora and fauna and flotsam and jetsam in preparation for a big DIFFA event that we're producing. My coworkers and our seriously talented friend Brittany have been turning out wildly beautiful creations like it's their job (wait, I guess it actually is their job).. It's been like Project Runway meets Tim Burton's wardrobe crew all up in there. Seriously good stuff.

Besides swiping some white paint on a few butterfly wings, I've been pretty much useless in the whole enterprise, as I've been heads down on a couple of other pressing projects. But just being in the same room with all their "maker" mojo has me seriously inspired. And being inspired is always a good thing.


Loving...On A Friday

Photo by Fran├žois Halard

Stephen Sills' gorgeous 1,000 square foot apartment via the NYT. The insanely talented designer (who happened to start his career in Dallas more than three decades ago) has re-imagined the space three times over the past 26 years. It's his design lab of sorts. I can relate to that. Bryan, however, perplexed by my design shark tendencies (his term: always moving [i.e. changing up our house] or I'll die, he claims), cannot. Clearly I need to have him read this article.

Photo by Heather Hawkins

A multitude of sculptural tumbleweeds in Jean Landry and Richard Bullock's Marfa home via Bungalow Magazine.

Proenza Schouler's wee pale pink lamb fur clutch via The Line. Just so, so pretty.

 Anita Calero. Always and forever. Full stop.

Ferm Living's incredibly lovely marble tables...

and brass pots, and giant cacti in big ceramic vessels. Sigh...


Some Scenes (From The Past Couple of Weeks)...

Vincent Falsetta's gorgeous paintings at Conduit Gallery

More Vincent Falsetta

I'm a firm believer that the universe does everything in its power to keep things balanced. You get the lows with the highs, so you truly appreciate those rare, stellar golden moments.

Case in point: my past couple of weeks involved helping produce a glamorous 3-day photo shoot, several reminders of my good fortune in getting to do creative fulfilling work along side amazing, talented cohorts and friends, and national magazine ads.

But... (here comes the balance), all that glamour and creative camaraderie and cultural enrichment was countered with the universe also requiring me to mitigate one case of strep throat (Millie); one stomach virus (also Millie); two cases of head lice (holy shit!!!) (Audrey and Millie -- clearly Millie is getting the short end of the stick here); one broken pool pump; one completely dead aquarium (don't ask); and some serious binge watching of the decidedly not glamorous Breaking Bad. (Ok, that last one is on me. I can't blame the universe this time.)

We're coming out of the fog. Kiddo's are well, lice are eradicated, every soft good in my house sent through the equivalent of a Silkwood shower, pool pump and aquarium repair plans in motion, and only two episodes of Breaking Bad remaining.

Yep friends, we're still standing...and through it all, appreciating those highs more than ever.


Pretty (Happy, Nice) Girls

Smiling, happy girls backstage at Chloe, Paris Fashion Week Spring 2015 via Her New Tribe

I've been on a client shoot all week teaming with pretty girls (and guys). The group is also smart, funny, insanely talented, interesting, creative, and, most important, supremely nice.

The experience feels timely, as Audrey and I have been spending a lot of time lately talking about mean girls, cliques, and how to survive the general social nightmare that is tweenhood. She knows how she feels, how she wishes it would be, but she's having a hard time navigating it.

I just keep reminding her that the adults she admires most now were probably not the ones setting the world on fire in junior high, and that it never (every) pays to be (or be friends with) the mean girls.

I try to drill in to her every day that being kind and thoughtful and happy (or as happy as an angsty pre-teen can be) is the best brand of cool.

Wish me luck.


On Being Present

My friend and one of my mentors Christine Allison sent me a link to a piece about artist Anne Truitt's book, The Architecture of Bliss, last week, and minutes after reading it, I hopped on the amazon.com and purchased that bad boy.

It was this excerpt that did the trick:

"My mother’s moral force radiated from her like a gentle pulsation. Sensitive people picked it up and found her presence delicately satisfying.  
She was herself only when alone.  
This satisfaction with being solitary was a tremendous source of freedom for me. It implied a delight in self and affirmed my own obsessive sieving of experience. By taking her mind totally off me, she gave me my own autonomy. I knew from experience that she was careful and responsible. I realized that she would have watched me had she not been sure that I was all right. And, if she were sure, I could be sure. Very early in my life, I set out stoutly to look around at everything."
I spend a lot of time trying not to sink into the black hole of motherhood guilt lately. I'm not doing enough/I work too much/I'm not up at school enough/I'm not present enough.

That last one is the kicker for me, as deep down I know that's the only one that really matters. That the girls have their own rich inner lives, that they're comfortable being alone, that they feel confident and strong and capable isn't dependent on me baking that extra batch of cookies for the Halloween carnival or chaperoning the field trip. No, those things form in them because they know I'm there, fully.

This constant busyness we've cultivated has made me and Bryan supremely distracted people. Sadly, I see it happening to Audrey too. (Millie, still has the blissful single-focusedness of youth... I.m jealous.) True Presence (with a capital 'P') is rare. Constant multi-tasking is the name of the game friends. It's the only way to get it all done, we argue. It's a dangerous place to be.

But I think so much of our perpetual "being distracted" is our (sad) attempt at simultaneously trying to give to the girls and give to ourselves. It's when we're depleted that we're at our worst as parents, partners, friends (the list goes on). So in addition to being present with the girlies when we're with the girlies, carving out time for ourselves and showing our kids what it looks like to have our own rich inner lives is a key part of the equation too.

So here's to a week of (trying) to be present and (trying) to snatch time to make ourselves better people. It's not going to be easy, as it's gonna be a crazy week at work and the girlies activities are at an all time high. But something's gotta give. I'm not sure of the plan, except to recognize and attempt to course correct. (I'm guessing it's also going to involve a lot of putting down the iPhone.)

Wish us (me) luck.


Loloi Rug's Fall Ad Campaign (Or Life Lessons Learned On A Photo Shoot)

Xavier takes center stage...

A while back, the incredibly kind and lovely folks at Loloi asked me to be a part of their new ad campaign featuring creative people in their own homes. I said yes, and then (and this was the hard part given my control freak tendencies), I had to, well, let things go a bit.

Some outtakes from the day

The day-long shoot involved a talented team of home stylists, photographers, creative directors, and a hair and makeup artist who schlepped, hauled, rearranged, rearranged again, polished, fluffed (you get the idea) my living room (and me). And then I got to pose for a gazillion photos, which, I can safely say, is my least. favorite. thing. to. do.

But, here's the thing, through it all, I also got a big fat lesson from the universe in the form of experiencing first hand what it feels like when someone else comes into your home and starts moving your stuff around (i.e. the exact same thing I do to all my beautiful, wonderful clients every day) or when you're the one in front of the camera hoping you don't look incredibly stupid (what a slew of amazing subjects did for me during my tenure at D Moms).

So, let's just say I didn't only get to be in a national ad campaign, but I (hopefully) became mildly less aesthetically tyrannical too.


The finished product in Rue

The campaign, which dropped this week in Rue, House Beautiful, and Elle Decor, also introduced me to the amazing Loloi team (who have since become friends), and their gorgeous rugs (Adler, JourneySaraha, and Vincent, I'm talking to you).

I think it's safe to say I came out the winner that day (even if my hair was flat).


Loving...On A Wednesday

More of Karina's gorgeous work... Obsessed.

Celine designer Phoebe Philo taking her daughter to work. Go Phoebe! (Photo by Saskia Lawaks for Vogue Paris via Keep it Chic.)

Le Labo's Santal 26... Best. Candle. Ever. Full stop.

Zak and Fox's killer linen textiles inspired by "long-abandoned Roman ruins in Morocco." Dying to use this on a chair or a bench or a stool or a... (you get the idea).

Every piece in Protagonist's fall collection via The Line. Stunning minimalism at its best. These are "have forever" clothes friends.