Less Is (Most Definitely) More...

photos via Anne-Claire Rohe via the NYT

I loved this piece in T Magazine about designer Elizabeth Suzann's small collection of clean-lined, sculptural basics... I'm especially smitten with this quote from the article:

“Our brand isn’t about minimalism, although I do love minimal aesthetics,” she says. “It’s about not cluttering your life with things you won’t use.”

Truth be told, I'm a little smitten with the whole Elizabeth Suzann situation: the gorgeous, moody lookbook; the small studio in Nashville where each item is sewn by hand; the 20th-century artist muses (Eva Hesse and Louise Bourgeois) that inspire her designs; the desire to create lasting things so women will be compelled to buy fewer (but better) things -- all of it.

Well played Elizabeth. Well played.


Jessica Clare said...

gorgeous, and perfect timing... I'm about to start reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up :)
xx Jessica


Anonymous said...

I so agree I have been obsessed with her style since finding her! And maybe it speaks to the thought of de cluttering but I also just like the simpleness of going to the closet slipping into one of her dresses and then a boot or shoe ....simplifying my life is so gratifying right now.