Some Scenes...

The past few weeks have been a blur of client installs, quick road trips, projects, new kittens, swimming with the the girlies, pool-side dinners, accidents and mishaps (i.e.those previously mentioned stitches)... Summer has flown by. I can't believe we're in the last few weeks, tying things up before a last hurrah trip to Florida for shell foraging and turtle spotting and just general lazing about. 

I'm trying, amid the blur, to really soak in my girlies. Turns out the flying by actually isn't a cliche; it happens. Yesterday the girls were babes and now they are fully-formed little creatures, voicing surprisingly articulate observations (frequently), helping around that house (occasionally), and causing me to marvel at every turn (always). They are truly the most amazing people. I pinch myself every day that I get to walk through this world with them.

I'm trying to savor them... trying not to let the blur take over. I have to stay on my game friends. This is the good stuff.


Anonymous said...

I save your blog posts to savor at the end of a busy day. They are breathtakingly beautiful, meditative and inspiring. Thank you for that.

Joslyn said...

non-fiction living, thank you. you made my whole month!