Recent Work (And The Totally Disconcerting Warp-Speed Passing of Time)

I know it's not especially compelling or interesting to talk about how quickly time goes by. In fact, on the scintillating conversation scale, I would put it up there with chatting about the weather, traffic, and how busy you are... (All three of which I regularly discuss, clearly it's time to up my conversation game.)

But banality of subject matter notwithstanding, I'm going there. Friends, time is flying by. Zooming, racing, in full turbo mode.

Part of this, I suppose, is due to being heads down on a slew of branding and interiors projects at the studio (i.e. the action happening in those images above). There's nothing like an abundance of interesting, compelling, creative work to make you look up from your computer and wonder how the hell it's already the end of the day.

But I think the bigger "time warper" is how quickly my girlies are turning into young women. I feel like yesterday we were reading board books and watching Yo Gabba Gabba and now we're dealing with leg shaving and what have you (the what have you being the particularly alarming part).

Oy vey.

The good news is that while I miss those little kid years, the big kid years are pretty darn amazing. I am so smitten with these girlies of mine... They are becoming such interesting, witty, thoughtful people. They amaze me every day with what they notice, their small gestures and grand moves. I am in awe. Sure, they can also be total pills (what kids aren't occasionally?) but mostly we're in a pretty good groove. I'm marinating in it, for sure.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Love...all of the visuals, all of your cryptic insights into motherhood and your general prism. When I am sitting at my table designing I often think "but would Joslyn wear this?" You are my style sister in all things visual. We should catch up.


Anonymous said...

Great images....I always love the shot with your toes in a great pair of shoes peaking into the photo ....but I want to know the name of the sandals!

MFAMB said...

i always get super pumped when you post.

Kim said...

right there with you