The Chloe Showroom is My Kindred Spirit And Other Random Lovely Bits

Chloé showroom via Porter Magazine's instagram

I've been a (very) bad blogger of late. So bad, in fact, that I've actually pondered stepping away from this space in a more formal way for a while. But every time I'm ready to pull the trigger, farewell post composed in my mind, I chicken out. Blog, I just can't quit you. Sure I'm unreliable and half-assed, but I'm still here. And that's what I'm going with for now...

So no excuses, no long-winded laments about the things that have kept me from this space... Instead let's just go with some lovely things, shall we?

First there's the fun fact that the top of my television cabinet in the den is looking an awful lot like a corner of the Chloé showroom. Oh groovy, wonky, drippy pottery. My love for you knows no bounds.

I'm also smitten with Appointed's canvas notebooks. In fact, Suann's just killed it with the entire Appointed enterprise. She's making the Chicest. Work. Supplies. Ever. The whole thing is just total and complete perfection.

Another obsession: the shoulder baring frocks that went down the runway at Litkovskaya Tbilisi and  Nino Babukhadia. I somehow feel like this is an age-appropriate, smart girl way to do sexy, yes?

And while we're talking perfection, there's the matter of this bedroom situation at Swedish hotel Ett Hem via the genius Ilse Crawford. (Really the entire hotel is just crazy gorgeous.)

And because I'm all about coming full circle, how about we close out this bad boy where we started with some pottery action. Feeling like one of these Clam Lab beauties needs to join the television cabinet line up. Just sayin'.


Kim said...

Glad you can't quit. :)

crystal said...

I don't mind unreliable and half-assed. :) Have always loved your blog!