Shiny Happy Anna

In a society that seems to promote the idea that, in order to get ahead, women need to tamp down their femininity, shun their maternal instincts, and act (not to mention dress) like a man, there's really nothing cooler than a kick ass, powerful lady donning a killer dress, some rockin' baubles, and a completely blissed out  smile in the face of an insanely cute toddler.

And in the absence of an insanely cute toddler, a fiercely self-assured, knowing smile (and a crazy cool jumpsuit) works too.

Anna (and Stella) you are a total rock star. Full stop.

Happy Friday friends. 


Unknown said...

well she is... As well as Stella McCartney - she is rocking that overall!!


Meg said...

Nice to see Anna smiling and...David Beckham. Full stop. :)

justine said...

Did you happen to see A Cup of Jo's post in which she linked the following - What 13 People Wore to their Interview with Anna Wintour?