Loving...Orange and Blue (and a little bit of red) Edition

Here's what's fun about Pinterest (for me at least, but then again, I'm a bit of a nerd about these things): It has the ability to magically tell you things you didn't know about your own aesthetic sensibility. (Or maybe you did know them, but you'd been repressing said things out of some sense of denial since you vehemently proclaim to all in earshot that you're a "neutrals girl..." Hypothetically, of course.)

Case in point, I recently viewed all of my pins for the first time in a while and noticed an unmistakable pattern in the form of some serious coral/tomato/cobalt/azure action. Friends, I am digging on the orange, red, and blue, big time, starting with that photo above by Mario Testino. Nadia in red velvet against that sky blue background is just beyond gorgeous, yes?

Then there's the matter of the identity handiwork of Belgian design firm Coast...

Or how about this blue Herm├Ęs goodness happening against a hefty dose of orange courtesy of Bergdorfs (who, it should be noted, also boasts a rather killer blog).

Now let's pause for a solo moment of pure, unadultrated electric blue (a.k.a. Nars' gorgeous Outremer eyeshadow). I might be a wee bit old for this action, but no matter. I'm buying it. And I'm actually going to wear it...


I would, however, wear every. single. item. from Costello Tagliapietra's Spring 2014 ready-to-wear collection, starting with this fetching persimmon skirt teamed with a black shell and some fetching (yep) blue and black sandals.

Kathleen Ryan, I dig your work in all its blue and pinky orange glory.

I also seriously dig everything about this image -- the stunning girl, her insane dress, that red jacket tossed over her shoulders, her pale blue satchel... That list alone makes it loving list-worthy. The fact that she's about to cross paths with a cobalt-t clad fellow? Well that just pushes the whole enterprise over the edge.

Last but not least, there's the insanely cool sienna/ochre/navy/slate knit work featured in the Bucks New Uni showcase for their new textiles graduates. Love.


Akshara Vivekananthan said...

You know, I never thought of Pinterest like that. And you're so right! I truly think the creative eye was enhanced for myself aesthetically after pinning all favorites after favorites. Thank you for making me realize that (makes me feel all the more better for spending so much time on that website haha).

The girl with the leopard print dress, red jacket, and pale blue satchel is totally rocking her outfit. Love it.

Simply Akshara

Nadya Sagner said...

I've noticed that about pinterest too! Although my self-discovery is a little less lofty (ie, I like raglan T-shirts). Also, Kathleen Ryan is amazing! What a find.

Unknown said...

Whoa the second to last image is gorgeous. Everything about this image just works!

tory said...

I've been meaning to tell you forever that I really appreciate that all the images you pin are, in and of themselves, beautiful (this is my rule when pinning something publicly; I have a hidden pinboard for things I want to remember/like and of which cannot, for the life of me, find a pretty picture.), which then makes a comprehensive view of all of the pins so incredibly aesthetically informative. In the same vein as your complimentary-colour surprise, I was shocked to discover that I seem to really adore the occasional decorative pop of a loud, yellowy tangerine, a colour I do not own or live with at all and had previously thought I thought was a little gauche. Time to start the hunt for a clementine-hued lamp, ouais?

Jo Harper said...

I hope you post a picture when you try out the Nars eyeshadow! No doubt you'll rock it, but I will want to be privy to your cosmetic strategy! Great post.