Some Scenes

Keen observers (or my fellow obsessive compulsives) may have noticed a slight tweak to my weekend post title, specifically, that's it's no longer scenes "...from the weekend."

Here's the thing: my weekends are not so photo worthy of late. Back when the girlies were wee, and I was sitting at a corporate America desk job Monday-Friday, weekends were all about getting our culture/craft/general mojo on. We made things, went on interesting adventures, hit up the museum, hosted dinner parties. Now, well, not so much.

Sure, we still occasionally do these things (occasionally being the key word here) -- from time to time we make and cook and host and enrich (sometimes all at once even), but more often than not the weekend is just a massive regrouping punctuated with an overlapping volleyball/soccer/ballet schedule so byzantine that it just makes me want to take to my bed and drink. Heavily. And let's face it, regrouping, kids sports, and heavy drinking don't make for pretty blog photos. (I'm just thinking of you here friends.)

So, moving forward, I'll be broadening the weekend posts a bit by pulling from, wait for it, the entire week. (I know, I know...I'm crazy like that.)  In addition to shots from the weekend (like the ones above featuring the gorgeous new Vela scarf gifted to me from the immensely talented Helen {pics 10,11, & 13}, a recently acquired marble bowl that is so pretty it makes me want to cry {pic 12}, and my new CV computer clutch {also pic 13}), you also get snaps from the previous work week, including the one of my ridiculously cute and cool new co-worker Catie (pic 4).

Let's consider them the bonus features, whattya say?

Hope your weekend was splendid!


Unknown said...

Love your artistic eye!

Woking Girl said...

So very happy to see Vela lounging amongst delicious objects and textures! Loving the color palettes in this post, and don't even get me started on that crazy beautiful, embossed painted canvas thingy! Loving..

Unknown said...
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Anisha said...

Where is that marble bowl and stand from?

Joslyn said...

I bought the marble bowl and stand at a sample sale, but it's from Studio A


melissa loves said...

Oh, my. It all makes me want to weep! :) That bowl, that clutch, that WEDDING BLANKET ( sorry for shouting) and Helen's scarf ( adore her & her work). Gorgeous!

Kim said...

You are cracking me up! Hey, I'll take your "scenes" any way you choose to serve 'em up! :)