The Future Perfect, Heath, and General Store (or More Inspiring, Crazy Lovely, Totally Badass Retail)

As promised, more San Francisco shopping goodness for your ogling pleasure in the form of The Future Perfect, General Store, and the Heath factory store in Sausalito.

I hit Heath every time I'm in the bay area (and somehow end up shipping home a box of coffee cups -- oy vey); It is, without a doubt, my happy place. And I'd long loved General Store from afar, so I was pretty determined to trek to the sunset (or have Caitlin schlep me and the girlies and sweet baby Jackson out to the sunset) to check it out in person. Total magic friends -- pottery, books, a groovy backyard area teaming with crazy plants and little rock arrangements.... Pretty much my total bliss. Throw in some Heath dishes and a few of those brass bits from The Future Perfect and I'd move right in.


Anu Singh said...

wow...ultimate photography,really awesome. Great job.

Unknown said...

i like all the items especially that flower vass. nice