Hudson Grace and March (aka Retail as Art Part One)

Amid beach jaunts, dim sum, tea gardens, museums, and street karoke (watching not doing) I managed to squeeze in a little retail research (makes it sound purposeful, yes) while the girlies and I were in S.F. My hit list: March, Hudson Grace (both above), The Future Perfect, General Store, and Heath (I'll share pics tomorrow).

(Oh who am I kidding, "retail research" was at the tippy top of my trip to do list. I mean let's get real here.)

The shops did not disappoint. In fact, I'm still marveling over every. damn. thing. at March. Truly that place is the most exquisite, perfectly edited, gorgeously merchandised store I've entered. (And I've entered a lot of stores in my time). If you are in the city I would highly recommend. 


Amber F said...

Headed to SF in a couple of weeks and good dim sum is on my hit list. Do you have a favorite spot?

Heather said...

I'm wondering: is there a particular stretch in the sunset district that you like best? I see the General Store is there. Twice in the past year I've driven through this neighborhood because I hear a lot about it, but I only see private residences and a few tiny restaurants. I'm guessing that I'm expecting to find something on the scale of Pacific Heights and that's not what the SD is?

Joslyn said...

I think the sunset district is pretty low key. There's a tiny pocket with General Store, a great art store next door, Mollusk Surf Shop and Outerlands (amazing food) that's absolutely worth the visit!

Heather said...

Thank you! Twice now I've given up after wandering through (although I love how quiet and pretty all the houses are) and just gone over to Ocean Beach to take in the view instead. Not such a bad thing!