Bucket Listing

I'd like to think that my recently acquired Taca Zhijie Sui photo, Offerings, somehow influenced Audrey's dreams of Chinese adventures (See how I justify my purchases? Impressive, yes?)

The girlies are currently at work at what can only be described as some serious bucket list action. Their lists are epic (as only lists belonging to two kiddos with their entire lives ahead of them could be...sigh) and have me at once impressed (see the great wall of China, go hiking in a rain forest) and mildly amused (be a nanny -- she's aiming high there that kid of mine).

They also have me inspired to make a little bucket list of my own. Here's what's made the cut so far:

1. Go to Japan
2. Live in California again
3. Take my dad to Alaska
4. Write a book
5. Design a hotel

What's on your bucket list?


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness...how did i get it in my head that you were no longer blogging? i am giddy to find you again...gorgeous as ever darlin!
xo! Traci (Mrs. French)

Kim said...

I've had a bucket list since college and occasionally get to cross something off... Most excited about someday vacationing in the South Pacific (Fiji sounds nice)...