Scenes From New York Part 2: Pretty Rugs, Flowering Branches, and Other Sundry Lovely Things

During our two-day New York whirlwind, my co-workers and I periodically asked each other to share the best thing we'd seen in the past five minutes/hour/day. While I think it's safe to say that my Bill Cunningham sighting won top prize, the row of surfboards at Saturdays, and every. single. thing. about BDDW were an awfully close second.

Friends, I'm not gonna lie, BDDW is just perfection in every way. I think I actually let out a little moan of aesthetic satisfaction when I walked through that place. I still can't get that damn turquoise leather-clad dresser and that insane, giant round mirror out of my head. It's a bad scene.



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I adore your dress.