Scenes From New York Part 1: Glass, Glass Everywhere (And Books Too...)

In terms of inspiration gathering, New York did not disappoint (but no surprise there, yes?). In fact, there was so much visual goodness that I had to break it into two posts so you guys wouldn't get photo overload (which you still may get, I'm not gonna lie).

When going through my photos I also noticed that I seemed to gravitate toward four items: glass, books, flora, and rugs (stay tuned for the latter two). Actually, maybe gravitate is too mild a word...perhaps I subconsciously obsessed, as nearly every single shot I took over the two days I was in the city featured one of those items, without fail.

When not fixating on floor coverings and and giant flowering branches, I also partook in excellent meals at Cluny Cafe, ABC Kitchen, and The Fat Radish, enjoyed a magical brunch in the courtyard of the Greenwich (best. hotel. ever), and enjoyed an up-close Bill Cunningham sighting (the highlight, by far).

Inspiration indeed.


second floor dweller said...

I love The Fat Radish, one of the highlights of my last trip to NYC.

Unknown said...

oh i love nyc...how can that city (and paris)
always stay so true? ;))
and nice photos...you're great at making us 'feel there'!