Scenes From A Staycation...

I am an awfully big fan of the in-town vacation (or "staycation," if you will). There's something about the act of packing an overnight bag and checking into a hotel that instantly makes you feel like you're someplace entirely new and unfamiliar. The whole situation gives you all sorts of "fresh eyes" action.

My girlies love the staycation for a whole bunch of totally different reasons, including, but not limited to, the pool, room service, turn down service (and the resulting little chocolates they leave by your bed), and, of course, the tiny free toiletries. (My girlies love the high life friends. It's a bad scene.)

This past weekend we were all in luck, as, right on the heels of my NY trip, I got another "fresh eyes" fix, but this time without all the hassle of, you know, leaving town; and the girlies got their fill-o-posh during our overnight stay at the Joule. Technically we were staying at the hotel to do "research" for a project we're working on at the studio, but I'd be lying if I said the enterprise felt remotely work-like. That is, unless work-like involves eating crazy good pasta, night swimming, perusing Rachel Comey dresses and art books, and eating chocolate mousse in bed.

Next time I try to complain about, well, anything, remind me of the above. Deal?


Kim said...

I have always wanted to swim in their pool just for the view (!) and to freak myself out at the thought of that glass wall giving way. Ha!

Unknown said...

so lovely!!! can you please tell me who the last image is by? (i went to the hotel's website and wasn't able to find the artist's name) thanks!!!