Some Scenes... From The Week (The Better Late Than Never Edition)

After a long and largely confused winter/early spring (think 85 one day and then 55 the next with, say, maybe a little ice storm randomly thrown in for good measure), we've vaulted right into "almost summer" territory, and I feel woefully unprepared.

In my defense, the more unpredictable than usual weather isn't the only thing throwing me off my seasonal game of late. No, it's the total upset of my largely predictable (and, ok, maybe even boring) spring schedule. I'm talking about Seaside friends. The lovely, wholly restorative little beach town that my family has decamped to for a week each April for the past nine years (see: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013... sigh).

Alas, for various reasons that I won't bore you with here, in what would have been our 10th consecutive year making the trek toward the sand and sea, the trip wasn't in the cards for us this year. And it hasn't exactly been easy coming to terms with the absence of this tradition, this mental and physical recharge, this 24 hours round-trip in a car alternatively delving into life's great mysteries with Bryan and the girls and a massive stack-o-reading materials, this essential gateway-to-summer ritual. (Hell who am I kidding, I've been kicking and screaming about the whole situation for the better part of the past month.)

And while I realize it's petty (at best) to grouse over a missed beach vacation in a year that my family got to enjoy an epic trip to France and numerous other blessings, it's got me surly and off my game, especially this week -- the exact week that we would be at the beach. So I'm trying to get my mojo back by faking a retreat. We scrubbed and cleaned and spruced our patio and backyard last weekend until we could scrub and clean and spruce no more. We planted blackberries and blueberries, picked the first spring strawberries, made big salads topped with toasted sesame seeds and as every type of radish procurable at the Whole Foods. I started a big stack of magazines and am planning to carve out a few hours this weekend to sit with my girlies, toes in the pool, strawberries at the ready, and read.

We may not have sand, but it's something.


The Beauty Curators said...

Oh girl I feel your pain. We started going to Rosemary Beach /Seaside when the boys were little (10&7) back in 2002 and guess what we didn't go this year. I love it there. Always a ritual to get a new seaside t shirt. And shop at little bazzar the sea and I love the store Pritzi Home. Every time I leave I think about wouldn't it be grand to have a little shack at Alys Beach ;-) and I THINK about this all the time. I have pictures on my door as I go into the garage of Alys Beach...someday. Maybe you can sneak away this summer for a long weekend. :-)

justine said...

That Nate Berkus tray hanging is genius - I somehow stockpiled several while they were on clearance. I'll have to try that!

Anonymous said...

looove that little brass pot full of moss...such a great idea! pretty vignettes as always.

Unknown said...

Oh I feel your pain, as well!! I have been to the Croatian Coast a thousand times and then didn't go for 5 years. Pain. But...I'm pushing to make it happen this summer! ;)
Stay positive...maybe it'l still happen for you to go ;)


Mary said...

I definitely understand the surliness. Crushed expectations, and the need for a break at this time of year. I absolutely get it. And traditions! I hope you allowed yourself to be a little grumpy and then to enjoy that relaxing time by the pool, which does sound lovely.