Loving...On A Friday

Everything that Dimore Studio touches. Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran can really do no wrong.

Maybe the chicest girl of all time captured at Colette Paris by The Sartorialist. The silky top and black pants, the fur, the headphones (!!!). Just wow.

The ladies from The Line on Jean Stories. I can't get enough of The Line. It is goodness in every way (thus the three photos above...I couldn't settle on just one.)

Caitlin's Heath Ceramics studio tour. Loved getting a glimpse inside one of my all time favorite companies. (Also loving the fact that Caitlin is coming for a little visit next weekend. Fun is going to be had, friends. Full stop.)

image via NH-ID

image via Remodelista

Dosa's beautiful founder Christina Kim and her "philosophy of encouraging people to consume less but cherish more". Hear, Hear Christina. Hear. Hear.

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