Loving...On A Thursday

The lovely, immensely talented, and completely groovy (I am so digging her "off the grid" weekend house situation) Lauren Manoogain via Backyard Bill.

Morgan Peck's mini fan sculpture at Totokaelo... In fact their entire art and object shop is rocking my world.

The loveliest birthday party treat bags of all time via Kate.

Madewell's simple white frock and the totally unadorned styling action. In a sea of the perpetually over-accessorized (the shoe, the bag, the necklace. oh my.), wearing no accessories at all just feels really modern and chic to me. (See the eternally chic Sophia Coppola.)

Linda Matalon's gorgeous work at Blackston Gallery...

Michelle!!! The new name for the shop (Mille...Love!), the gorgeous Kinfolk flower potluck at the studio, all of it. You are killing it my friend. I'm so, so proud of you.


Unknown said...

This was the best thing to wake up and read this morning...Thank you lovely Joslyn!!
You need to come up to Minneapolis so we can have a big party at the studio...
xx, M
ps - how cool is that Lauren Manoogian...ordered her fall collection...can't wait!

Unknown said...

Pretty things

Absolutely enamored with the artist, Linda Matalon