A Few Random Bits

This is a long one friends...get ready.

First up in our list-o-randomness, there's a fun little project I wanted to share with you guys... Back in April, the lovely folks at Wisteria asked me and two of my D Home colleagues – associate creative director Jamie Laubhan-Oliver, and staff photographer Elizabeth Lavin – to design a space using their (rather awesome) furniture and accessories. The three of us brainstormed a bit and decided to conjure a fictional inhabitant for our space, ultimately deciding on designing a personal, cozy, slightly moody "loft" for a city-dwelling artist.

Then the real fun began... We pulled inspiration photos, worked out room dimensions, mulled over furniture placement, selected paint colors, and "shopped" Wisteria's awesomeness. The day of the shoot, we piled our cars with our own art, books, and accessories (all that action above) to prop our room, giving it a truly personal, lived-in feel.

The result is the room below... Most of which can be purchased here (those chairs, those bookshelves, those sconces, that killer little mirrored side table). Pretty fun,  yes?

But the best part of the experience, by far, was collaborating with Jamie and Elizabeth -- two amazing, ├╝ber creative ladies. It was lots of back-and-forth, lots of compromise, (we are, after all, three highly opinionated gals), lots of schlepping, lots of eating (cookies), and an insane amount of fun...

Then there's the matter of the blueberries...Or more specifically the fact that the 6 pounds(!!) of blueberries that we (I) picked last Sunday are nearly gone, and it's possible that I might be the only person in the family that ate them (in my lunch, when I wake up, between meals, before bed). I'm not sure if this is a good thing, this consuming of 6 pounds of blueberries in four days by a single person, but I felt I needed to share it with someone in case all of the sudden I started looking all Violet Beauregarde.

(Millie partaking in a little behind-the-shoot fun while we were turning out the last issue of D Moms)

Moving on, I thought it prudent to mention that I'm firmly ensconced in the crazy, can't breathe, exhausting, but totally rewarding month leading up to the fall issue of D Moms going to press (already!). I tell you this because during this month or so of schlepping, hauling, writing, editing, arranging, cajoling, laughing, crying, etc, I suck at, well...pretty much everything else. In an effort to get the magazine done and be a (somewhat) good mother to my children, I'm a bad friend, daughter, sister, and (sadly) wife; I stink at any and all manner of personal communication, especially, but not limited to, engaging in coherent conversation and returning phone calls/texts/e-mails in a timely manner; I'm poorly groomed; Oh and I frequently swear.

I just thought you guys should know it's nothing personal...and if you happened to be one of the aforementioned people that I will inevitably neglect, please accept my profuse and heartfelt apologies in advance.

I'll make it up to you. I promise.

Ok, last but not least, we're off to Austin for a couple of days to partake in some icy cold spring-fed pool swimming, taco eating, and general loafing in our favorite city in celebration of Father's Day.

Have a splendid weekend friends!http://www.dmagazine.com/Issues/D_Home_MAY-JUN_2013.aspx


Unknown said...

That's a lot of blueberries! The furniture is so nice, it must be good fun collaborating with other creatives! X

Betsy said...

Welcome to Austin! Have a great time!

Alexa said...

Looks incredible! And there's never too many blueberries in my opinion! Haha.

Unknown said...

all awesome!