Some Scenes...From The Weekend

Aarrgghh technology. I popped into blogger to edit my post only to totally delete it complete, losing all my original text in the process. Sadly, it wouldn't revert to the original draft either. So to avoid a total rewrite after 9 hours in the office and a traffic-riddled commute, I'm going with a sort of stream of consciousness approach. Cool?

Here goes:

Pickled radishes and tart bing cherries at Sam's annual Symphony Picnic in the park (preceded by a stellar champagne bar), dinner under the stars with Janet, David, Henry, lovely cousin Erin and husband Ben, lots of swimming, agrarian adventures at Tara winery and blueberry picking in Edom with Whitney, Steve, Davis, and Hudson, and a totally blissed out Monday (although I'm not quite sure how I feel about my obsessive blueberry picking spree) as a result of all the time spent en plein air.

Whew. Hope your weekend was splendid friends.


Alia said...

uggh.....that stinks! pretty pictures though. the blueberries make me want pie!!!!!

hong kong property said...

so many berries:)

Hilary said...

Sounds wonderful! Were you at the Fort Worth gardens? If so, you were literally 2 minutes away from our house. We live in the neighborhood just behind the gardens. It's a convenience I don't take enough advantage of!

Unknown said...

oh that's a drag! but stream of consciousness works for me...lovely images!