Loving...On A Wednesday

Minimal racks of maxed-out pattern against the happiest wall ever at Suno via Nicole Franzen. A scene, it should be noted, that's making me want to wallpaper my closet and whittle my wardrobe down to two racks of perfect pieces.

It just might happen. Stay tuned...

Elizabeth Peyton via The Milanese...

And every. single. thing. Elizabeth Peyton paints. All of it.

Elizabeth's beautiful "early waking" musings. This carving out time for morning meditation/gratitude/mindfulness is so simple and smart..., yet, it's something I never seem to be able to pull off. I'm trying again. Tomorrow. Thanks Elizabeth for the reminder.

And speaking of smart, I'm also loving Jeanne's genius "Playdate" series...

Hey Billie's lovely piece on Sweden, which feels a bit like the continuation of last week's Dieter Rams action, especially this bit...

Shadowy, deep-hued interiors -- earthy, ornate, moody at the same time -- and centuries-old architecture. Even in modern spaces, rooms are often left unlit (or only softly lit) during the day, relying on deep windows and overhangs to subdue the light. There is no need to fill in every shadow.

Less is more friends. Less is more.
Kule's horn pendant on a box chain...it might just be an acceptable replacement for that giant tassel necklace I can't seem to find anywhere (and I've looked...oh how I've looked).

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Lauren said...

Have you looked at the double tassel necklace from j.crew?


saw it and thought of your initial post. good luck on the necklace hunt!