Some Scenes From The Weekend...

So technically this is a jumble of snaps, some from the weekend, and some from the TENOVERSIX store, which (finally) opened last week in the Joule and is total perfection. (Confetti System, Adam Silverman for Heath, Anndra Neen, Apiece Apart...oh my!)

In addition to pics of the indie retail goodness that has landed in our fair city, you'll also find above photos of our Mother's Day adventure at the Nasher (beyond delightful) and our in-progress attempt (attempt being the key word here) at recreating Jordan's genius "Geometric Party Installation"for lovely cousin Erin's rehearsal dinner happening this Friday at our casa. I'll let you know how that action goes.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend and for all you mamas out there, a splendid mother's day!



alice {sweet dreamer} said...

Looks like a lovely weekend! x

Unknown said...

i keep returning to these images...and cannot help but feel a bit of antonioni re; your daughter on the sculpture stairs..