Loving...On A Wednesday

Kate's lookbook photos for Jennifer's latest (stellar) Ermie collection. That sweater...oh my.

Heather's newest creative endeavor. And it should be noted that Heather is a creative rock star...Big time.

A wise reminder from a literary great via At Swim Two Birds. I am trying to be a better listener and observer, to be wholly and completely present, so I won't miss the wonder. (After all, you see and hear all the good stuff when you're really present, yes?)

Hui Hui's quilted shopper at Beklina... Bag as art.

Caitlin's detoxifying breakfast... I'm about to do a little detox of sorts, and I'm scared out of my wits about the whole enterprise. (Just sayin'.)

This insanely awesome brutalist brass cuff via Sainte MarieVintage on Etsy. (Word to the wise, if you don't want to be embarrassingly late for work, don't type "vintage brass cuff bracelet" into the Etsy search engine while you're drinking your morning coffee. Just don't do it.)


Chelsea said...

So very excited about Heather Taylor Home and also that sweater. I can't even tell you how many times I've suddenly lost a chunk of my day to an etsy search. xo

Melanie said...

Ooo I'll check out Heather Taylor Home and I love that bag! It's so big! It could fit everything!!


Heather Taylor said...

Thanks so much, love! I love this list :)