Happy Anniversary B

(Image via Tomboy Style.)

I love this line by Ann Mashburn in the Q&A she did on Tomboy Style:

"My celebrity crush is... Are you kidding? I am married to him. He is sometimes celebrated (but not often enough by me)." 

Today is Bryan's and my 12th anniversary, so we're headed down to Austin for a quick getaway... (Austin is our special place, where we met, where we fell in love.) I am beyond lucky to have married my best friend, my soul mate, the love of my life...

I'm going to celebrate you more B.


Nomadic D. said...

So sweet! Congratulations!


bunga rosvita said...

wow! 12th anniversary? awesome!
happy anniversary for you two!
may all the happiness surround you, like always :)

Yelle said...

Soo sweet. Happy anni :)

UrbanChiqueNess said...

Sweet...indulge and celebrate in style! Happy Anniversary.

Jamie Herzlinger said...

Austin is such a great city! Enjoy.

Love, Jamie Herzlinger

jamiedawn said...

12 years. that iS AMAZING!! i hope to one day say the same :)1

Lakshmi said...

Congratulations, Joslyn! P and I are coming up on nine years of marriage this December, and more than fourteen years of being together. It is a funny-sweet feeling when you have spent literally your whole life with someone... :) I used to call P my undeserved blessing until a dear friend reminded me.. that he isn't undeserved at all!