Loving...On A Wednesday

Before we get down to the loving action, I have to practice a little gratitude in the aftermath of yesterday's moan-fest of a blog post. I am grateful for a decidedly better day brought about by support from you guys (really the most amazing readers), a breathtakingly kind gesture from a co-worker/friend, and the fact that I came home last night to, wait for it...two homemade pies baked by my mom and Audrey who (and this is the totally blow me away part) hadn't even read my blog post.

How's that for the universe taking care of you? I am grateful. Immensely.

Ok, now for those fluorescent pink lips and groovy glasses at the spring Missoni show via The Moment... The Moment is perhaps my favorite read on all of the interwebs of late. It's just good in every way, well every way except the departure of my beloved Sally Singer as editor.


Camille Henrot's lovely Ikebana via Jamie...

Caitlin Mociun's interview and home on Refinery 29, especially this part:

"I have definitely learned to refine my taste. I am more thoughtful in what I buy. I buy less, but what I bring into my home and wear is more thoughtfully purchased and picked. I have learned to let pieces have more breathing room. I don't like to have a clutter of things anymore..."

Correll Correll's Square Dress via Stand Up Comedy. Perfection...

Scenes from a trunk show featuring Fay Andrada, Odette NY, and MCMC Fragrances at Austin’s incomparable Spartan. Bryan and I are headed to Austin this weekend to celebrate our anniversary, and I am literally counting the hours until we arrive. Outside of California, Austin is my soul place.

Field's soapstone bookends in all their artful, sculptural glory...

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About Last Weekend said...

Those glasses and dresses are fantastic, pink and peach and yet so edgy.