Some Scenes From The Weekend

Despite the fact the city was wall-to-wall people due to the Austin City Limits festival, we still had a pretty darn amazing time on our super quick anniversary getaway. (But Austin is magical like that, it's hard to have a bad time when you're there.)

We somehow managed to score a last minute room at the Hotel San Jose plus dinner reservations at Uchiko (despite those aforementioned ACL crowds), so it's safe to say that the anniversary gods were smiling down on us. In between sipping adult beverages on the San Jose's patio and eating a sublime dinner, we generally just tooled around, luxuriating in the fact that we had no schedule to adhere to and no little people to be responsible for. So we did what any total nerds with no schedule or responsibilities would do and hit Book People for a couple of hours of uninterrupted perusing.

We're wild like that friends.

Other highlights include Guero's for tacos (our favorite) and stops at Spartan, JM Dry Goods, Domy, and Olive Vintage. Oh and there was also a rather stellar anniversary gift from B in the form of that CV monogrammed clutch above...a total surprise. He reads the blog. Good to know.

Hope your weekend was splendid!


Jenna Griffin | Gold & Bloom said...

happy anniversary! i love the photos. the clutch is perfection.

Yelle said...

Happy anni! It sounds like it was a great trip, despite the crowds. You hit a lot of great places!

JWK said...

What a fantastic anniversary trip! Love the CV clutch!!

stephanie said...

super jealous.....of the amazing clutch and the trip to austin. congrats!

Unknown said...

So happy you enjoyed yourself! This is a reminder that I must get back to Austin ASAP.

That clutch is officially going on my Christmas list :)

laura said...

It was great to meet you, Joslyn! So glad you had a happy anniversary & Austin trip.

laura said...

I should also mention, that the art photographed above is by the lovely Xochi Solis. Her work is on view in my shop through the end of the week if any of you find yourself in Austin!