Blogger’s Favorites – Part Two

Part two of our "list love" features three super clever, cool and creative ladies: Sarah of Whoorl, Rachel of Black Eiffel and Alyson of Unruly Things.

* Side Note – These posts are proving a little dangerous, as after spending the past few days combing through the lists, I suddenly want to shop…big time. Stay tuned for part three tomorrow.

Sarah’s List (Whoorl)

  1. Kiehl's Lip Gloss in Goldenberry -- I am a serious lip gloss junkie. This sheer gloss is the perfect peachy-pink shade for fair skin. Bonus points for not being sticky and tasting delicious.
  2. Ippolita Hammered Ball Necklace -- My husband gave this to me for Mother's Day, and I pretty much NEVER take it off. The delicate chain layers beautifully with other necklaces, and the solid, hammered pendant is totally unique.
  3. Morcheeba Big Calm -- This album is ten years old, yet I still love it as much as the first day I heard it. If you come over for cocktails, chances are you'll hear this at some point in the evening.
  4. Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream -- One word. SHINE.
  5. Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life -- Charley Harper is hands-down my favorite illustrator. Waiting for this book to be released last year was torture, but it was worth it. (If you are a Harper fan with children, I highly recommend Charley Harper ABC's.
  6. Hayden Harnett Havana Hobo -- This bag is responsible for Joslyn and I meeting one another. She complimented my bag (on a shuttle, of all places) which quickly launched into a gabfest of our mutual adorations. I searched far and wide for the perfect grey bag last year, and this one does not disappoint. Unfortunately, Hayden Harnett discontinued this shade, but they have many other colors available.
  7. Cordoba guitar -- A gift from my father, this Spanish classical guitar simultaneously thrills and tortures me on a daily basis.
  8. Ranunculus -- In my book, no other flower compares.
  9. T.I.M. Occhiali glasses - I bought these pink glasses at a tiny Wicker Park boutique about six years ago while living in Chicago. To this day, I have never seen another pair of eyeglasses in that shade of pink. The boutique has since closed and I can't find much information regarding the manufacturer...basically, if I lose them, I will enter an indefinite period of mourning.
  10. Dolce Vita shoes -- I own several pairs of DV flats, but also covet their boots and heels. Based in my neck of the woods (Southern California), Dolce Vita always finds the perfect balance between classic lines and flirty trends.

Rachel’s List (Black Eiffel)

  1. Fresh Sugar Lychee: I love the clean smell and design of Fresh products. I recently got this scent and it has become my new favorite.
  2. Charley Harper Book (and other cool art books): after the baby is in bed, sitting on my chaise with a cozy blanket, sipping hot lemon tea, and looking through oversized graphic and art books is pretty much heaven for me.
  3. Martha Stewart Melamine bowls: These bowls are great; I love the variety of colors. Cool kitchen gadgets inspire and make me happy.
  4. Massimo Vignelli calendar: Along with kitchen gadgets, I get excited about office supplies. I adore this calendar hanging in my office and this fliqlo screensaver which anyone can download for free here.
  5. iPhone: Wow... I am hooked on my new phone. There is a reason it is called the best gadget of the century or something like that. It got us out of many pickles with its gps while traveling.
  6. Frozen yogurt/Gelato: If I lived in close proximity to a Red Mango, Pinkberry, or Grom, I think I would literally go there every other day... seriously. Mixing gelato or yogurt with fruit or nuts is pure genius, I am a cold treat fan.
  7. Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer: I have tried quite a few products, and this is the best stuff out there. It is magical and matches my fair skin really well.
  8. Letterpress cards and items: I am a letterpress addict. Is there a club I can join? If not, maybe I should start one. (Card shown is from Egg Press.)
  9. Portable Bose Sound Dock: I tote this puppy around with me all over my house. With no cords and a remote, it is one of the best things I think we've ever purchased. I blast jams all the time.
  10. Tiny elephants: I'm not quite sure how it all started, but I have a small collection of miniature elephants. If you ever see a good one let me know. :) Elephants symbolize wisdom, understanding, and luck. (Photo by e.soule.)

Alyson’s List (Unruly Things)

  1. Lip rescue shea butter chapstick -- I can't go anywhere without it. Not only does it smell amazing but it's the smoothest chapstick around.
  2. Frye Shoes -- Seriously, if I could buy them all, I probably would. Such well made shoes and comfortable, even in the highest heel.
  3. Coffee Stout -- dlb* and I are big beer drinkers. We’ve tried close to probably 350 different beers and of all the styles, I'd have to say coffee stout is my absolute favorite. Bells Java Stout and Hopworks Survival Stout are two of my favorites.
  4. Monograms -- I love letters. When I was a little girl, I went to a summer camp where we spray painted things with stencils on to t-shirts. When the counselors asked me why I had chosen the 'S' and the 'J' to stencil onto the back of the shirt rather than my name or initials, I just replied that I thought they were pretty shapes. And yes, letters make pretty shapes.
  5. Clear Glass -- It all started with a spread from Country Living a few years back. it showed a work space with glass jars of all sizes, used to store pretty things like ribbon, buttons, lace, even thread and yarn. Jam jars, vases, milk bottles, apothecary jars... I really have to limit myself from buying everything to only purchasing the essentials.
  6. Lavender -- Quite possibly my favorite scent...I just love the smell of lavender. It’s soothing. I've got lavender conditioner, lavender leave-in conditioner, lavender hand soap, lavender detergent, and I used to have lavender lotion. I even like lavender in my tea. Hmm.... can there be too much lavender?
  7. Levi’s jeans -- I've never gotten into designer denim. The most I've ever paid for jeans was $150 and not only do they now have giant holes in them, but the wash has totally faded. They still look and fit totally great, but nothing beats a pair of Levis. My favorite fit - mid-rise straight.
  8. Pizza -- I could honestly eat pizza every night for dinner. With so many different possibilities and combinations for toppings, each meal would be different! My current favorite is pear, caramelized onions, bleu cheese, and walnuts.
  9. My camera -- I know dlb will read this and come back to me later and say, "Your camera???" Technically, it's OUR camera - we bought it together. and I have really grown to love that camera. Especially with the 50mm lens.


  10. * dlb -- My best friend, my motivator, and my "dear loving boyfriend". And no... That’s not what dlb stands for. :)


mary s. said...

Jos, I am HOOKED on these lists!! Love them!

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love these lists girl! LOVE EM!

SLynnRo said...

Awesome feature. This is basically all I want to do with my life- tell other people about stuff I love and convert them!

Sarah said...

I love letters too. Great lists!

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Oh my! I love, love,love these lists! What a great idea!

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OMG, these lists have totally made my day...not to mention making me want to shop something FIERCE!!!! I so need to do one! thanks for the great ideas guys!

Sara Christine said...

Oh my goodness, you're totally right. Credit card beware! What a fabulous group of ladies with a fabulous list of favorites. How inspiring!

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oh these lists are equally great! i'm especially in love w/ alyson's illustrations. she's so talented!

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these are so wonderful! i'm in love with this feature.

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I love these list. Such a good idea.

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Adore these lists :) It's such a great way to get to know a blogger, and see some yummy new things!

What a great idear :)

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How and where does one compile one of these fab lists???

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I love the blogger list series!!!

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It's a shame that Sarah's bag color has been d/c'd b/c it would go perfectly with the grey shoes in the right corner picture. Amazing lists in an awesome layout- thanks!

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Love, love, love the lists!