Blogger’s Favorites – Part One

Julius Shulman’s list… one of my all-time favorites via Elle Décor

My love of the list is well-documented, but what you don't know about is my obsession with other people’s lists -- I get loads of inspiration from peeking in on what interesting, creative people find beauty in, can’t live without, derive joy from, etc…

Admit it, you do too.

For me, the ultimate list nirvana (pure list perfection if you will) is the “shortlist” in Elle Décor and the “10 things that make me happy” page in Domino. So in the spirit of those two lists, I’ve asked some fellow bloggers if they’d be willing to share a few of their “favorites” -- the things they really love that have a sense of timelessness and permanence for them…

I’m kicking things off with the lists of three amazingly talented and cool ladies, Laura of The Scoop, Lynne – one half of the brilliant Sugar City Journal, and über-talented artist Michelle of Armas Design.


Laura’s List (The Scoop)

  1. My husband...nobody makes me smile more than he does.

  2. Sterling silver caviar cluster earrings by Andrea Corson. Being a new mom, studs are very practical so that little hands don't yank them out of my ears. These are incredibly sparkly but the simplicity of the sterling makes them casual too.

  3. GO International collections for Target. My favorite designer item ever was this shoe by Loeffler Randall, whose signature shoes I covet. You can still find these on EBay! I bought several colors.

  4. Japanese chiyogami paper. It's incredibly versatile for a wide range of projects; I use it to make stationery, notebook covers, and invitations. I also have several pieces framed in my house and even made a mobile for my daughter's nursery with a favorite paper.

  5. My friends gave me this gorgeous Rikke Jacobsen pitcher/vase for my birthday this year. I adore its sharp diagonal lines feminized by the golden blossoms, and it reminds me of my friends' generosity.

  6. Sophie the Giraffe is one of my daughter's favorite toys - it can keep her amused for hours! Sophie is handmade in the French alps from natural rubber and food-grade paints, which is a relief with all the news we read about toxic plastics these days.

  7. Vosges chocolate. I am a die-hard fan of this company, both its product and branding. The shops are gorgeous, the treats unlike any chocolate you will find anywhere else. My favorite exotic candy bar is the goji berry, with pink berries and pink Himalayan sea salt. I am also in love with the caramel marshmallows.

  8. Ballet-inspired clothing is always flattering and elegant. I love wrap sweaters that hug the body in an understated way. Plus, dressing like a ballerina makes you stand up taller!

  9. Austin, Texas. I have family there and visit as often as I can - the people are so laid back and friendly, the shopping is stellar (Kick Pleat, Vivid and Parts and Labour are my favorite shops, and next time I visit I can't wait to check out Spartan), and the food and music are fabulous. ("Keep Austin Good" poster pictured here - an eco-riff on the classic slogan "Keep Austin Weird".)

  10. My bed - the Portica canopy from Room & Board - is such a happy place for me to retreat to each night!

Lynne’s List (Sugar City Journal)

  1. The Freer Gallery of Art (part of the Smithsonian), Washington DC. A tiny gem hidden on the corner of the Smithsonian block. The building and the art inside go together seamlessly - it's the perfect place to go and be by yourself.

  2. My Black Apple sketchbook. The perfect size (fits right in my bag) and perfect weight of paper. I love the cover design.

  3. Seventh Generation Diapers. I think when my baby uses these her bum is softer.

  4. Wiksten clothes. This dress is the one I'd love to buy this fall if I could get my hands on it. Jenny Gordy is an amazing designer. (I'd wear this Joslyn-style, with jeans).

  5. Lauren Child's The Princess and the Pea book. Pure brilliance. What would it be like to create something so beautiful?

  6. My yellow saltwater sandals. My daughter and I are twins all summer long with our matching yellow shoes, and this shamelessly delights me.

  7. Soundtrack to Pride and Prejudice (Kiera Knightley version) - even if you thought a version of this story without Colin Firth was sacrilege, the piano music remains the perfect backdrop for mornings and evenings when you can open the windows and imagine that you live in the English countryside.

  8. The art of Brian Kershisnik (especially his Nativity painting - unbelievably beautiful)

  9. Chanel no. 5. I wear this every day. I love how classic and feminine it is. I hope my children get a whiff of this in thirty years and think of me adoringly.

  10. If I could look like anyone it would be her and I would wear that shirt every day for the rest of my life (along with my Chanel no. 5!)

Michelle’s List (Armas Design)

  1. Monogrammed Belgian linen sheets from Garnet Hill, the more you was them, the better they get, they can last for years and years.

  2. Vev Vigano Itaca Oro Stainless Espresso pot -- I have a small, very strong coffee every morning, sometimes O brings it to me in bed, that always tastes so much better.

  3. Old Holland Oil Colors -- My favorite day involves lots of painting, just the smell of oil paints makes me nostalgic for my childhood when my dad taught me how to paint.

  4. I listen to a lot of books on tape while I work, I don't like complete silence. I use Audible.com, you get really good quality books, and you can listen to them again and again. (P.G. Woodehouse baby!)

  5. I love jewelry that looks like it could have been worn a thousand years ago, handmade and imperfect but very beautiful. O knows to always get my gifts at Sundance Catalog, a collection of handmade jewelry from artists all over the US and the world.

  6. Chanel perfume, especially Allure. There is this thing in my family with red leather bags and Chanel perfume, it is like a rite of passage. So, when I was 20, I got my first bottle of Allure in a duty free shop in Paris, and I will buy one for my daughter some day.

  7. I have really gotten into vintage stamps since I started looking around for unique wedding invite postage. I am starting to get really into it!


mary s. said...

I love, LOVE this idea, Jos! (I too am a huge fan of The List) I hope this is a regular feature here!

jora said...

I loved this too! And I also look forward to those pages in Elle Decor and Domino. :)

amy williams said...

Love this post and excited to see this is part one!!

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

what a fabulous idea...i worked at domino and still use it as my bible with everything home related. as for the white foley + corinna bag, i say that in a pebbled texture, white would be fabulous for fall! there simply aren't rules anymore for the color and i think it would be amazing! oh, and i got my tunic at planet blue in santa monica. hope that helps! xxx

Anonymous said...

this is so great, joslyn! so many great finds...and excellent choice of bloggers! look forward to more.

jenifer said...

Love your jewelry, it's beautiful, also thanks for the links provided. Well, I too prefer online shopping for jewelry & accessories.

Kristin said...

I could not resist--I posted my own. Thanks for the idea!

Joslyn said...

kristin jo...i loved reading your list! i'm a big fan of weleda stuff too + now this book is on my list for sure

Design Scouting said...

i love this feature!! I look forward to the Elle Decor feature every month!

Mary said...

Great post and such lovely lists. Makes me think of what I'd put on my own favorites list. Love your blog!

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

What a fantastic idea. All of these favorite things are suddenly reminding me of items I need to stock up on! Lovely post.

kristina said...

great post! i love hearing/seeing how other creative people fill their homes and time. i'm using those same vintage stamps for our invites!

Anonymous said...

You are one of the "top" perfumistas that I would ever listen to in regards to opinions on fragrances. I learned that from many years or more on POL!