Wisdom...According to Jesse, Jeana, and Louise

image via Ye Rin Mok via Apiece Apart

I found myself scrolling through Apiece Apart's lovely Product Stories for far longer than I'd like to admit this weekend. (Hey, it was rainy, Internet binging is acceptable on rainy days, yes?)

Especially good are the profiles, with their gorgeous voyeuristic photos and poignant little nuggets of wisdom. My favorites below...

On balance and simplicity via clothing designer Jesse Kamm:

In my life, I know that I deserve to be a sane person, and I do not want to take anxiety medication to survive my year. I know that I need time away to be sane, so I take it. Not because I am spoiled, but because I value my existence as a happy, balanced person. Everyone deserves this.

These are a few things I do during the year, so that I can afford to spend it elsewhere: I buy fine pieces that cost more, but which are well built, because I know that the price-per-wear will end up in my favor, and I do not shop frivolously. I don’t go out to lots of fancy dinners. I don’t get manicures and pedicures. We all choose how to allocate our earnings, and I choose to save mine for leisure, because that is what makes me happy. My life is luxurious, but not in the way most people see luxury. It is luxurious because I have freedom, and for me, freedom is wealth.

image by Stella Berkofsky for Apiece Apart

Fearless creating and the secret to marriage happiness per artist Louise Bonnet:

A painter friend sent me this link to a letter Sol Lewitt sent to Eva Hesse and it basically is the best thing relating to work I have ever read. In short: not being afraid to make bad stuff, just do it. Not trying to be cool, but making your own uncool. To shock yourself at how bad you can be and see where it goes. Also important for life; go on date night. A babysitter is cheaper than a divorce lawyer.

image by Laure Joilet for Apiece Apart

Photographer Jeana Sohn's golden rules:

Be polite. Learn everyday. Always treat people who work for you well. Give.

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Mary said...

Lovely reminders. Always happy when I see your blog pop up in my reader. :-)