Lise Silva (i.e. the maker of our current obsession)

We have a tendency to fall into group obsessions at the studio. Recent objects of our collective fixation have included Topo Chico,  staghorn ferns, Raquel Allegra, the Evan with chicken at Taco Joint, and Le Labo Santal 33 (we're all about the high/low).

Of late, Lise Silva's knotted necklaces have joined the list.

It started with that ivory "vibration knot" action above. I almost bought it at Christine's pop up shop a few weeks ago, but in a rare moment of responsibility and frugality, I decided to abstain from purchasing. Sam showed up at the same pop up a couple of hours later and snapped it up. Catie also coveted the "vibration knot" but ended up ordering the "entrance knot" online.  She and Sam eventually traded necklaces and currently have them in heavy rotation. Watching the two of them sport their Silva's has made me totally regret my initial decision. (Who am I kidding... I'm jealous every time I see one of them donning that groovy fiber goodness.)

I may have just purchased my own Silva.

Photos forthcoming.

Lise Silva's Double Coin Knot Blue Moon and Trio of Double Coin Knots at Vee Caravan.

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