Some Recent Work... (And Some Client Love)

One of the most rewarding things about my job is getting to work with such varied styles. Some of our clients are happiest in bright, airy spaces punctuated with the occasional hit of color, some like a moody, more glamorous vibe, some fall in the middle of the spectrum... At the end of the day, it's not about imposing our style on our clients but about facilitating and collaborating and refining (and sometimes pushing) until we get to a result that feels like a total reflection of them.

But every once in a while you get to work with people (like, say, the three above) that happen to love the exact. same. things. you love, and you have the opportunity to create spaces that, well, you want to move right into.

That's when you mix up a cocktail, high five your partners in crime and marvel that you actually get to do this action for a living.


Unknown said...

Where did you find the amazing mirror in the 5th picture? I need it for my living room!

I would be willing to drive all the way to Dallas (from Fort Worth, lol) to find such an interesting piece!

Joslyn said...

it's actually a vintage mirror from a shop here in Dallas, but i think they have similar ones at Restoration Hardware.

Marimardepp said...

Those are a lot of crystals/quarts ! Hope they help with bringing good energy!

Unknown said...

No doubt you high five that this is your 'day job'! I'm a school psychologist and I'm feeling burned out about this time of the year. Your designs are fabulous. Swoon!

Anonymous said...

really love all the brown tones in the rooms...so happy those are coming back! gorgeous work as always!