Low Maintenance Girl Crush: Leslie Fremar

images via into the gloss

As I was parked in front of the mirror this weekend, clumsily wielding a curling iron in an attempt to approximate some messy cool-girl wave action into my otherwise volume-challenged hair, I was envying Leslie Fremar. Big time.

The stylist is decidedly low maintenance. In fact, I think it's safe to assume that the former protégé to Anna Wintour and Tonne Goodman (another poster girl for the less-is-more beauty ethos) doesn't even own a curling iron.

Other things Fremar doesn't do:
  1. Wash her hair every day 
  2. Wash her face (this one I can't really get behind... I am obsessed with the face washing)
  3. Wear makeup very often

But the real mind blower (and, let's face it, key to the whole low maintenance equation) is the fact that when she looks in the mirror with nothing on, she thinks, wait for it, she looks fine.

Revolutionary, yes?

And if she's tired, she just throws on those black specs above to detract from the whole situation and calls it a day.

Leslie Fremar you are my hero. Well, with the exception of that whole face washing thing. But, everything else. Yes and yes.


Lakshmi said...

Joslyn, maybe you need to invest in a better mirror! And then you'd think that you look fine too. :)

Have a lovely week.

Jessie said...

Loved this! Especially her comment about liking what she sees in the mirror. Such a lovely statement.
I've been trying to get to that minimal beauty routine place - partially because I'm lazy and love my sleep. Right now I only wash my face a couple times a week (or after a workout). At night I typically just use the super gentle french bioderma crealine as a makeup remover, spritz with rosewater, slather on some coconut oil mixed with a couple drops of tea tree oil and let it soak in overnight. By morning my skin is soft and no longer oily. I mostly use concealer and mascara (plus liquid eyeliner for going to work) and bare minerals mineral veil. I try to not wear any makeup on weekends if I'm just at home or running errands. I try to go as long as possible between hair washing and I can now go about 3 days without even needing dry shampoo (though that 3rd day is usually a ponytail).