Some Scenes (From The Past Couple of Weeks)...

Vincent Falsetta's gorgeous paintings at Conduit Gallery

More Vincent Falsetta

I'm a firm believer that the universe does everything in its power to keep things balanced. You get the lows with the highs, so you truly appreciate those rare, stellar golden moments.

Case in point: my past couple of weeks involved helping produce a glamorous 3-day photo shoot, several reminders of my good fortune in getting to do creative fulfilling work along side amazing, talented cohorts and friends, and national magazine ads.

But... (here comes the balance), all that glamour and creative camaraderie and cultural enrichment was countered with the universe also requiring me to mitigate one case of strep throat (Millie); one stomach virus (also Millie); two cases of head lice (holy shit!!!) (Audrey and Millie -- clearly Millie is getting the short end of the stick here); one broken pool pump; one completely dead aquarium (don't ask); and some serious binge watching of the decidedly not glamorous Breaking Bad. (Ok, that last one is on me. I can't blame the universe this time.)

We're coming out of the fog. Kiddo's are well, lice are eradicated, every soft good in my house sent through the equivalent of a Silkwood shower, pool pump and aquarium repair plans in motion, and only two episodes of Breaking Bad remaining.

Yep friends, we're still standing...and through it all, appreciating those highs more than ever.


second floor dweller said...

Head lice is no joke. My oldest had it twice, and she has the thickest hair imaginable. Those combing sessions took hours. Miserable.

I just wrapped up four months of intense professional exam taking, so I get to do what I want at night now, rather than studying. I've been watching Breaking Bad as well - although I'm quite further back - just after the remission episode. Decidedly not glamorous is right!

Here's to no more lice - and lice-related laundry. Ick.

frances said...

so sorry about the bad stuff... but the good looked great!

could you tell us who are the three wonderful paintings by?