Loloi Rug's Fall Ad Campaign (Or Life Lessons Learned On A Photo Shoot)

Xavier takes center stage...

A while back, the incredibly kind and lovely folks at Loloi asked me to be a part of their new ad campaign featuring creative people in their own homes. I said yes, and then (and this was the hard part given my control freak tendencies), I had to, well, let things go a bit.

Some outtakes from the day

The day-long shoot involved a talented team of home stylists, photographers, creative directors, and a hair and makeup artist who schlepped, hauled, rearranged, rearranged again, polished, fluffed (you get the idea) my living room (and me). And then I got to pose for a gazillion photos, which, I can safely say, is my least. favorite. thing. to. do.

But, here's the thing, through it all, I also got a big fat lesson from the universe in the form of experiencing first hand what it feels like when someone else comes into your home and starts moving your stuff around (i.e. the exact same thing I do to all my beautiful, wonderful clients every day) or when you're the one in front of the camera hoping you don't look incredibly stupid (what a slew of amazing subjects did for me during my tenure at D Moms).

So, let's just say I didn't only get to be in a national ad campaign, but I (hopefully) became mildly less aesthetically tyrannical too.


The finished product in Rue

The campaign, which dropped this week in Rue, House Beautiful, and Elle Decor, also introduced me to the amazing Loloi team (who have since become friends), and their gorgeous rugs (Adler, JourneySaraha, and Vincent, I'm talking to you).

I think it's safe to say I came out the winner that day (even if my hair was flat).

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molly lubs tompkins said...

Hi Joslyn, Saw the gorgeous add in the new Elle Decor! You are rockin' it. You look beautiful and your house is equally styling. So happy to see your face in the pages of Elle Decor!! -molly