Loving...On A Saturday

The perfect non-kitchen kitchen via The NY Times.

My crazy talented friend Christine's brilliant new online shop, Vee Caravan. (More on her new endeavor to come...stay tuned.)

Ceiling gorgeousness courtesy of designer Glenn Gissler's (via Brian Paquette's Pinterest). The Porter Teleo wallpaper, the rock crystal chandelier, the tailored curtains. All of it.

Karen Mordechai's new Sunday Suppers book. I had the pleasure of spending time with Karen on a shoot in New York several years ago, and can safely say that she is one of the most delightful people I've ever met. Can't wait to get my hands on her new tome. (Both images above via Sunday Suppers.)

Hilda Hellström's perfect side table spotted on Shayna's (awesome) Pinterest.


Unknown said...

Very nice Joslyn! Your bathroom is both functional and beautiful! Thanks for sharing all the great details.
Luxurious Bathroom

justine said...

Wow - Vee Caravan! Thanks for the introduction! The price point is spot on also! Reminds me of your previous post on luxury. Those caftans - beautiful!