Some Scenes... From The Week

In keeping with the whole "what is luxury" conversation, whattya say I recap the past few days by sharing all the luxurious little chunks, starting with...

  1. The fact that it was 75 degrees last Friday. 75 degrees, friends! In July! In Texas!!! If I hadn't been so deliriously happy about whole enterprise, I probably would have been worried that the blissful weather was some sort of signal that the end was near. Alas, it was 100 today, so it appears we're safe.
  2. A long (wine and coffee-fueled) lunch with three of my favorite ladies.
  3. A late patio dinner with family friends, and sweaters(!).
  4. An inspiring Saturday spent styling a look book for my amazing, soulful friend Paula's genius non-profit, GAIA. Throw in the insanely talented (and immensely lovely) photographer Shayna Fontana (who also has the best. name. ever.), Paula's sweet assistant Lauren, my sweet assistant (a.k.a. Millie), and some sushi, and you have the ingredients for a perfect day.
  5. A second outside dinner (eating outside in July is not exactly the norm in Texas, for the record) involving, wait for it, a bonfire.
  6. Sunday brunch with Janet followed by a lazy day of margaritas and conversation by the pool day with Christine and her girlies.

It was a luxury overload. Luxury-o-rama. Luxe town USA. Luxury central. And I couldn't be happier about the whole situation.


justine said...

The pouches in the first photo are gorgeous. Are they from GAIA?

Joslyn said...

they are from GAIA! I love everything they make...gorgeous.