Loving...On A Wednesday

 And speaking of girlie moments, how about a loving list dedicated to them, starting with those immensely lovely ones featured on The Glow, yes? Their dreamy, sweet, intimate moments of mamahood are one of my favorite things on all the interwebs.

Then there's Matilde, the girl muse of one of my all-time girl crushes, Clare Vivier. Completely loving CV's spring posters featuring the French beauty.

screen shot via Business Insider

Now on to genius girlies (i.e. Jenna Lyons). The J. Crew creative director extraordinaire recently ran an ad in New York Magazine featuring a personal message to a customer who'd wrote an open letter lamenting the discontinuation of the company's classic maillot swimsuit.

 Jenna. Lyons. is. the. coolest. of. all. time. (Thanks Janet.)

And how about we finish things off with a sultry, pondering raven-haired girlie (sporting a killer smoky eye) in Le Monde d’Hermès (styled by another bad ass girlie, the brilliant Camille Bidault Waddington) via Keep It Chic. Sigh and sigh.


R's Rue said...

Life in picture! Love it all

Sarge in Charge said...

Best PR move ever, J. Crew. And now I want a maillot... kinda 80s, kinda hot.

Amanda said...

This was delicious!