Some Scenes From The Weekend (Ch-Ch-Changes Edition)

A photo shoot at our casa this weekend was the catalyst for a little switch up action in the dining room and the guest room, as well as some serious zhushing everywhere else (aka the two week period wherein I became a completely crazy-town mom/wife who wouldn't let anyone touch anything.)

Good times.

But I'm going to go ahead and say that the pain was totally worth it (although I'm not sure my sweet family would agree), as every. single. time. I walk past the dark peppercorn goodness in my guest room or that Etched Arcadia mural currently gracing my dining room wall or the serious art wall action in our bar area, I get seriously giddy. And that's the whole point of prettying up your house, yes?

Just for fun, you can see some before snaps of the guest room here or here and peek at the dining room pre-mural here.


Melissa said...

Do I spot the Target Threshold bar cart in your guest room? Everything looks great! Now fly on up to Seattle and work your magic at my house! ;)

Karen said...

My master bedroom is Peppercorn too! Best color ever!

Anonymous said...

ah, you have the perfect spot for the mural! Everything looks gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

lovely changes! I love those national geographics popping off that dark wall color. and, i love the wall light woven into your gallery wall.

Joslyn said...

thanks all!

Melissa -- yep, Threshold bar carts as nightstands ;-)


Plum Pretty Sugar said...

Gorgeous home! We love the beautiful designs and patterns.



melissa loves said...

Uh.....crazy beautiful and delicious! So, so good!

Unknown said...

Love all of the new details! Can't wait to see it in person in April. Bravo lady!

Unknown said...

would you mind giving source for the artwall light. its great

Unknown said...

hello its all gorgeous. Would you mind sourcing the art wall light its exceptionally cool.
thank you

Unknown said...

where do you find your simple wooden frames? they look lovely. i can never find light-colored wood frames except at ikea. any suggestions?

Unknown said...

where do you find your simple wooden frames? they look lovely. i have a hard time finding light-colored wood frames except at ikea. any suggestions?

Joslyn said...

Hi Kerry!
I purchased the wall light on Etsy at:



Joslyn said...

I get a lot of frames at IKEA too, but I've also been getting the light colored wood frames from Aaron Brothers. They have a great selection and seem to be a bit more high quality than the IKEA ones. Target also has good ones lately.