What I Packed for Paris (And What I Wear Pretty Much Every. Single. Day.)

My trusty wardrobe components: 1. CV duffel and pouch. 2. Uniqlo ultra-stretch jeans in grey. 3. Cozy striped sweater and a sheer white blouse. 4. La Canadienne waterproof boots (perfect for tromping through the rainy streets of Paris. 5. BLK DNM black blazer -- the best blazer I have ever owned. Full stop.

Owning up to my wardrobe, ahem, consistency is something that took me a long time to accomplish. The reality is I wear the same thing -- a lot. And as much as I talk a big game about the virtues of a uniform, truth be told, deep down, my lack of sartorial adventure has always nagged at me a bit. I see the gals sporting the bold color and the artfully mixed prints layered just so, and I can't help but feel that my outfit M.O. is boring. But every time I dip my toe in those waters myself, I feel off and race back to the comfort of my go to pieces.

It was while I was packing for Paris that I finally seemed to overcome this harbored sense of wardrobe inadequacy. (At least, once I got past my intimidation of the super-chic French woman.) In my bag, with almost no hesitation, went the components of my uniform: my trusty Uniqlo jeans in grey and black, a skinny black blazer, a few long thin American Apparel tanks, a couple of tweedy jackets (one from Madewell, one from Rag and Bone), a stripe, an easy white blouse, some chunky (yet walkable) boots, a statement piece of jewelry or two, my CV bags, and I was good to go. Throw in my Givenchy Pandora and some wedge sandals (not practical for Paris in December), and you have, well, pretty much what I wear 99.9% of my life.

But the real revelation happened when I arrived in Paris, opened my suitcase, and proceeded to spend 10 days never wondering what I was going to wear. I felt like myself, and (as weird as it feels to admit it) I felt chic. I suppose there's something about being comfortable and confident in what you're wearing that's chicer than layered prints and a pop of color any day, yes?

That's what I'm going with at least ;-)


Topperlett said...

Where is that striped sweater from??? It's amazing!

Lauren Johnson said...

Joslyn - I just saw you at La Duni and I wanted to say hi, but 1. I didn't want to interrupt, and 2. I may have been a little intimidated! Eek!

In any event, I was admiring your rings the entire time from inside - you looked stunning. Here's to hoping I won't be so shy next time.

-Lauren (the crazy looking lady with the stroller and the tights)

Joslyn said...

Topperlett -- I can't remember where I pulled that one from :-( but mine is from Club Monaco and almost exactly like it!

Joslyn said...

Lauren -- You are making me blush. Thank you!!! You should have popped by and said hi ;-)

I think I saw you leaving the restaurant with your stroller. *You* are adorable!

annie said...

Well, three cheers for this. Could not agree more. You either are a bright and colourful girl or you aren't and there is nothing more boring than spending hours wondering what to wear and agonising over choices. I love a pared down monochrome background with a bit of blingy here and there. For me: black leather boots. Cannot go wrong.

The Beauty Curators said...

I dream of pairing down my closet like every week! I hold onto stuff way to long and I wear 5% of my closet daily 90% of the time because I work from home now! I too like simple cuts, with luxe fabrics and while I try to get some color (I just bought this tattoo dress and I hope I have the stones to wear in Miami later this month but it's holy Bright!!) yikes....I want to wear it and not have it wear me...by the way I have had my eye on the CV duffle for a long time, how is the construction and leather?

Love the feature Joslyn.

mb said...

During my pre-Christmas blitz, I stomped through Paris looking less chic than you. The one thing we did have in common were the boots. I was wearing the same ones. So comfortable and love the sole. The little bit of cushiony lining kept my feet warm and dry.

Kim said...

I am sure you looked chic!!! Confidence wears well and your taste shines through. My wardrobe is formulaic as well and it makes me happy to get dressed so easily each day.

Your photos from Paris on Instagram were awesome. The girls looked so precious in their wool toggle coats. :)

Sheepskinsandfairylights said...

Being comfortable in your own style exudes more than confidence, it shows too! Xx