Audrey's Big Kid Room (Breaking This Action Down)

Photos by Chris Plavidal for D Moms

I'm not the only one in my family with a milestone birthday this year... Last month, Audrey hit double digits. Yep, friends, I have a ten year old. And boy is it a wild ride (I'm not gonna lie).

In celebration of her officially entering this new era, months prior we agreed that she could "switch up" her bedroom. At the time I was thinking a coat of paint, some bedding, maybe some new art... But what started out as some heavy sprucing soon became a full-blown makeover, complete with the design prowess of our amazing friend Janet and a photo shoot for D Moms capturing the whole enterprise for posterity (i.e. Audrey was all of the sudden the luckiest girl in the world).

For those of you that have slogged along in this little space of mine, you might remember Audrey's first room redo. (Her current room started out as Millie's nursery before evolving into the serene green retreat that she happily inhabited for the better part of four years.) That process was easy. She was six. She still let me do pretty much what ever I wanted on the decor (not to mention sartorial) front. This time, well, not so much. She had ideas.

Specifically she wanted a "kind of hippie, loungy, cool room." (Ok, I'm in.) "that's turquoise and has patchwork wallpaper and a hanging chair and tie dye fabric and peace signs." (Ummmm...)

Enter Janet.

My lovely and immensely talented friend managed to take all the pain out of what could have been a wholly unpleasant enterprise by designing a room that met Audrey's desire for big and bold and cozy and groovy and hitting my desire for it to be, for lack of a better word, "classy." (We like to keep things classy around the Taylor house whenever possible.)

Elbow grease (Janet was spray painting and gold leafing like a rock star and Bryan got his make on with that canopy bed), some killer Flavor Paper Monaco wallpaper, a custom neon light installation, a bed full of Peacock Alley bedding, art from Read Between the Lines, a Serena & Lily hanging chair and Moroccan leather pouf, and a shaggy Feizy rug later and we had blast off.

Audrey is pretty much the happiest ten year old in the world. And we didn't fight once. Success. Full stop.


Anonymous said...

so much personality. i don't know your daughter, but i can imagine this room describes her personality. so, that's a definite design success!

Unknown said...

who did the neon light installation?! I've been looking for a good company to make one for me!

Joslyn said...

Hi Lauren
I had it custom made by Neon of Dallas. They were great!

katie//salt+pine said...

We are moving and Liv is all about the peace signs and LOUD colors for her new room. I think it is maybe a 10 year old girl thing?? I was a bit freaked out when she showed me her inspiration (think Justice), but instead of pulling out my hair, I'm totally going to show her Audrey's room. I think I can convert her! Audrey's room is completely rad.

Caitlin @ Sacramento Street said...

Believe it or not, I did the same thing when I was that age. I painted my entire room blue and had pink and orange bedding - it was so loud. Luckily when I got to my later years of high school I realized it was too much.

LOVE what you did with Audrey's room. It's so cool. Her friends must be incredibly jealous!

Anonymous said...

Where is the dresser from? What is the paint called? Where is the unicorn and mirror from?
Also, love. Obviously.

TX Girl said...

I've loved her little redo since seeing it over at D Moms. I'm curious about the hanging chair. I'd love to get one for my nearly 10 year old and wondered about the "professional installation" caveat. Did you install yourself, and if so was it difficult?

Kim said...

Stunning, Joslyn!!!! Yowza -- my daughter Leah is one year behind Audrey, so I get the "wild ride" thing into tween-dom. Love what you and Audrey and Janet have done here!!!

apieceoftoastblog said...

Is this a joke? This bedroom is PHENOMENALLLLLLL. I want it! And I don't even like turquoise! A neon sign?! Ugh....she is SO lucky.

Sheepskinsandfairylights said...

Lucky little lady, would love this for myself!!
One question - will Audrey keep it tidy???
Love reading, xx

Jordana said...

Wow! What a lucky 10 year old! She must be in heaven.
Can you let me know where you bought/the brand of your record player? How do you like the record player? Good quality sound?

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

What an amazing room!! I love it....I'm going through these kind of decisions with my little one...so I loved reading this. I think I may need to repost this!! Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!

Joslyn said...

Hi all!!
thanks for the kind comments...Ok a few more sources for you!


The dresser is IKEA that we had wallpapered in the same Flavor Paper pattern as the back wall.

The unicorn is from Urban Outfitters.

The mirror is from Wisteria.

The paint is a custom color.


The record player is from Urban Outfitters. It's the Crosley brand. The sound is great. Fuzzy, like a good record player should be ;-)


jonathagraymusic said...

Just seeing this..absolutely amazing! What a fun room to ride out tween and teen years in..Couple of questions..is that a west elm daybed that you have gold-leafed? And, do you have a source for your bedside stool/nightstand? Thanks! Hayne

Joslyn said...

Hi Hayne
Yep the bed is our old west elm day bed that we actually just spray painted gold.

the stool next to the bed was just pulled for the shoot. it's by artist Reinaldo Sanguino and we pulled it from Nasher Sculpture Center Store. I believe they also carry them at TenOverSix and Lisa Luby Ryan in Dallas. They run about $2000 (which is why we borrowed it for the shoot) ;-)

House Envy said...

This room is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing

Laney Reusch / Reusch Interior Design said...

Omg I'm obsessed with this!!! LOVE the colors! Amazing!

Anonymous said...


I want it and I'm a grown up :-) I'm thinking of doing something similar to my chest and was wondering if you added spray paint and gold leaf in addition to the wallpaper? If so can you share what kind you used?