Loving...Badass Mamas (And One Killer Dad) Edition

Between launching D Moms and the actual act of, well, being a mom (albeit not the world's best), mamas have been on my mind pretty much 24x7 for the past two years. Upon moving on to my new gig, I thought my obsession with cool, interesting, smart, inspiring mothers *might* wane a bit, but, if anything, it's just intensified. So whattya say we devote this week's "Loving" list to my latest crop of mom crushes? 

First up on my list-o-lovely ladies with kiddos, stylist and makeup artist Stacey Nishimoto (above), channeling Anna Karina on Into The Gloss while cuddling her son Gus. Seriously crush-worthy, yes? (Also behold these photos of Stacey when she was pregnant with Gus. Chicest. Pregnant. Lady. Ever. Just sayin'.)

Next up, a local Dallas mama, gorgeous fashion journalist Anais Assoun alongside her equally gorgeous daughter Graysha at last week's TenOverSix opening celebration.

And how about an oldie but goodie in the form of Jade Jagger with her babes circa 1998... (Photo by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia.)

I'm also rather smitten with the insanely elegant Carolina Herrera-Baez pictured with her son in French magazine L’Officiel (via Joanna).

Carine and Julia: You are the mother-daughter duo of my dreams... Full stop.

And of course there's the mama who helped make weddings seem totally and completely badass, one Mrs. Molly Guy, creative director of Stone Fox Bride, hanging with her daughter Sunny over on The Glow. Sigh.

And last, but (most definitely) not least, there's the matter of the StoryCorps piece I heard on NPR's Morning Edition yesterday. Hearing Will Smith (not the actor/musician but just regular guy Will Smith) and his daughter Olivia talk about their relationship was moving beyond words -- just amazing and beautiful in every way. Will, you are my hero. I would highly recommend a listen! It will make your day friends. I promise.


mike p. said...

Thanks for linking to the StoryCorps piece! I heard it, too, but couldn't easily search it out ... Now I can share it :^)


Heather Taylor said...

Really loving all of this. Listening to StoryCorp now :)