Loving...On A Wednesday

The genius design and styling work of ATWTP (via Lucia, of course)...

Melissa's beautiful new jewelry. (So proud of you friend.)

Every. Single. Thing. about DeVera. All of it. Utter and complete gorgeousness. I'll be making a pilgrimage on my next trip to NYC. Done and done.

 Nendo's stunning patchwork glass (via jenn).

Emerson Fry's Fall/Winter preview...especially the slinky ankle zip Mick pants.


melissa loves said...

Oh, thank you lovely gal! So honored to be on your "loving" list! In such great company. Thank you for including me and for the encouragement. You are a gem!

jen said...

Love love love the Melissa Loves jewelry!! Simple, organic and bold.

Meg said...

The patchwork glass is stunning. So boheme! Nice post.

evencleveland said...

De Vera is my favorite shop in NYC. I went in there once and found an impossibly chic woman stringing impossibly glittery, Impossibly tiny beads on a string (turns out they were little diamonds). It's completely dreamy.