Some Scenes From The Labor Day Weekend...

So we took "Labor Day" quite literally at the Taylor household, and, well, labored... Said labor was largely of the cleaning the garage variety (i.e. dirty, sweaty, miserable), although there was some Millie drawer action thrown in for good measure, and the entire experience left me wanting to throw away 90% of what I own and take up an ├╝ber monastic existence. 

This is pretty much exactly where I end up every. single. time. I clean out our closets/drawers/any other spot in our home crammed with a bunch of stuff that we don't even remotely need. And, yet I just keep on accumulating like a good little consumer. It's a sad state of affairs. That said, there is an upside. Namely my newly organized garage (not to mention Millie's newly pristine drawers) and a revived resolve to think (long and hard) before we buy.

When I wasn't laboring and partaking in first-world consumer angst, I dined and cooked (a fancy lady brunch, burgers on the grill, homemade pizza), swam, and read... Oh did I read. The entire Vogue September issue to be exact. David Chang is his own worst critic? Check. The genius of Heidi Slimane? Check. Caro Sieber's fairytale wedding? Check. Badasses Marissa Mayer and Wendy Davis? Check and check. The adorable Jennifer Lawrence. Done -- The whole thing friends, and, damn, it felt good.

It's amazing what you can fit in when you have an extra "weekend" day at your disposal...Oh time. Hope yours was stellar!

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Jeanne Henriques said...

From another good little consumer...I know exactly what you mean. Out it goes...in it comes. My solution...buy another house. :)