Some Scenes...From The Weekend

Our Austin adventure was quick, and there was lots of car time (holy cow could the traffic between Austin and Dallas be any worse? wait, don't answer that), but it was just what we needed. We spent the weekend with my soul sister/better half/college roommate/partner in all manner of crime Stacy and her beautiful family. We ate Amy's ice cream (twice in less than 24 hours) and tacos (of both the breakfast and dinner variety) and big stacks of gingerbread pancakes (there was a lot of eating). We swam at Deep Eddy pool and drank margaritas and ogled pretty things at Jardineros and Hijo and Spartan and JM Dry Goods. But mostly we just, well...were. No pretense, no overplanning, no agenda. Just letting the day unfold... We need more of that action.


jamiedawn said...

those baby girls are gorgeous! looks like it was a blast

Unknown said...

Looks like you had a fabby weekend.

Have a good week,

Life of an Agnostic Sunday School Teacher

molly lubs tompkins said...

what an awesome weekend you had! i have got to get myself to austin and dallas!

Stephanie said...

Next time you brave IH-35, you must check out Nannie Inez. Like Spartan, it's another tiny, perfectly curated shop and just down the road from Spartan & JM in the Bouldin neighborhood. Looks like you had fun!

Unknown said...

everything's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

love how much your girls look like you!
and of course, AWESOME agave plant.