Some Scenes From The Weekend...

We kicked off the weekend with perhaps the loveliest dinner we'd had in a long time courtesy of Janet The ingredients for said lovely dinner? Tasty libations, a killer beet salad at Nonna followed by some equally killer halibut, and Janet's three utterly and completely charming Brazilian friends Isabella, Sophia, and Luis. It was the first time in 30 years that Janet and Isabel had seen each other, and we were honored to be part of the reunion. Such a magical evening.

Other weekend highlights included a preview event for TENOVERSIX, which is soon taking up residence in our fair city (a small consolation for the loss of my beloved Barneys), some wedding crafting with lovely cousin Erin, and massive amounts of juicing (to compensate for the aforementioned libations).

We officially finished the Spring issue of D Moms today (it hits newsstands on April 4), and the girlies are on spring break this week, which means two words.

Free. Time.

I'm feeling pretty footloose and fancy free right about now, I'm not gonna lie. I'm dreaming up all sorts of crazy stuff...some homemade ice cream making, a little DIY, maybe a road trip.

Or maybe I'll just clean out my closet.

The point is I have time, and, well...that's good enough for me.

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molly lubs tompkins said...

i want a sip of the green juice you made. the ingredients look so healthy and good:) and i'm sure it is a huge relief to finish the spring issue. so excited to receive it in the mail!