Loving...On A Wednesday

This article from Net-A-Porter's magazine about adopting a signature look (i.e. a uniform) à la the über chic trifecta of French Vogue editors above...

Debbie's insanely gorgeous rose print...all that orangey pink goodness. Just wow. I would love a huge version of this for my living room.

Pretty bottles of homemade margarita mix via Style Me Pretty...Such a fun gift idea, especially paired with a good bottle of tequila.

CONFETTISYSTEM: 100 Arrangements at MoMA PS1...would love to see this action in person.

Heather's vignette of Hollyflora, Coqui Coqui, and Hadley Holliday... So lovely.

The dreamy veggie Easter brunch on Rip + Tan, complete with sweet babies (and mamas) in flower crowns... My love for the flower crown knows no bounds. Sigh.


About Last Weekend said...

This is my fave wed of all time. Have to incorporate that pinky orange somehow into my wardrobe - its so island and langorous. Love the trifecta fabulousness. Black trou and chambray never looked so cool

aliB said...

You can also buy Debbie's photo here @

Fashion for the Rest of Us said...

I also loved NAP's article!


Meg said...

Adore the NAP article also; fantastic entry, thank you and happy week!

dacy said...

Love that first photo - it's like a french fashion army!