Forty Five Ten, Bring (And Put) Your Daughter to Work Day, and Baby's Breath (AKA The Random Bits)

First, a fun little post on Forty Five Ten's fantastic blog in which I pick some of my favorite things in store. Friends, I couldn't love Forty Five Ten more. It is truly a gem in every way. The store itself is artful and inspiring, the merchandise mix is perfection, and the staff (Thom, Allie, Callie, Missy, Molly, Chris, et al) is at once incredibly cool and kind and lovely... If you ever make it to Dallas, you have to put it on your "to visit" list.

(P.S. Brian Bolke, the genius retail savant behind Forty Five Ten, is also half of the duo behind my beloved Number One/Le Jus...just sayin'.)

Next up, a little fine tuning of Audrey's work ethic in the form of a day spent at my office earlier this week. She was adopted by the awesome peeps in the art department who promptly put her to work rearranging and organizing a bazillion magazines. The child was in heaven. Now if I could only get her to clean her bedroom. Hmm...

Finally there's the matter of Gypsophila or "Baby's Breath." Paired with red roses (or any roses for that matter) and sad leather leaf greenery, and the wispy filler is lame town USA. However, alone, in a big mass, and it's pretty chic, don't you think??


Chelsea said...

Audrey must have felt so cool. That's awesome. And yes, baby's breath must be separated out to be redeeming. With roses it is absolutely nauseating. xo

Elsa May said...

Yes yes yes to gypsophila flying solo in a vase - it always looks chic as long as it is en masse and alone.

vindiebaby said...

I couldn't agree more with you,and the little girl looks adorable :)

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