Some Scenes From The Weekend...

I took the latter part of last week off to partake in a little spring break revelry with the girlies, and, minus their bouts of bickering (oh friends, we have entered the bickering stage, and it is painful), it was a pretty blissful situation.

We hung out with Lucia and her littles at her wholly inspiring house, ate ice cream, played with neighborhood buddies, took in some live music and an outdoor movie in the Nasher's garden, ogled the Chagall exhibit at the DMA, made two batches of insanely good chocolate chip cookies from the Neiman Marcus cookbook (best. chocolate. chip. cookies. ever. full stop), had fun with paint, and just generally lazed about. 

It was a good four days. I'm sad it's Monday. Sady, sad, sad.


Tami Rebekah said...

Happy Tuesday!! Just stumbled over to your blog from Pinterest! Just love it!!!

Carissa Byers said...

I am excited about this cookie recipe!