Some Scenes From The Weekend...

Oh friends I needed this long holiday break in the worst possible way...

I got five (!) blissful, slowly unfolding days at home with Bryan and the girlies filled with cooking and eating and movie watching and visits from out of town friends and eating and game playing and house sprucing and, yes, more eating (we ate a lot).

It was enough time to really hunker down and relax, to not stress about staying in my yoga pants and a t-shirt all day, to just be. I tend to think that all manner of magic is possible when you get into this non-rushed state. The girlies are in better moods because they feel heard, not vying for your divided attention. Your hubby is happy because he has nice blocks of time to mess around on the guitar (or maybe that's just my hubby), and you catch up on movies and magazines and trying out recipes and cleaning out your dresser without thinking about the 100 other things you should be doing.

(That's my version of magic for the record.)

But the real measure of a good break is that you get to final day and you're not completely crushed that your time off is coming to an end. Sure you're a bit melancholy, but overall you're ready to don some real clothes, drive into the office, listening to NPR, all "business-lady" like, and get back to work. You're sated. It's a good thing.

Hope those of you in the U.S. had a lovely holiday!


melissa loves said...

I am SO glad you got a much needed break, it sounds heavenly. We did very much the same and it was AWESOME. :) Have a great week hun, we get another break like that in just a few weeks! YAY!

Heather Taylor said...

love that you had such a relaxing and satisfying weekend! I feel the same! xo