Art.Com Sponsored Post: An Arty Gift Guide for The Littles

Paul Klee, 'Small Children'

I am a big believer that kiddos should have art in their rooms...(real art, not dumbed down "kid friendly" images). Both of my girls have a sort "gallery" of their own creations, vintage finds, works from friends, and framed prints from iconic artists in their spaces. My hope is that they'll not only develop an appreciation for art by being surrounded by these pieces, but that they'll grow up with the idea that art is a constant, a necessity, a non-negotiable if you will...

Besides books, my favorite gift to give kids is a little piece of art. Unlike with adults, who are a little trickier to buy art for, as their tastes tend to be more developed, with kids, you have a chance to introduce them to new things... The key is to find something somewhat in their wheelhouse (maybe based on a favorite color or hobby) and then stretch it from there.

Andy Warhol, 'Butterflies'

Kasimir Malevich, 'Children'

Alexander Clader, 'Expo Albi'

With this in mind, for my Art.com holiday gift guide, I picked the five works above, all of which I think would be great gifts to get a kiddo's creative juices flowing... And as an added bonus, if you decide to snap one of these up, Art.com is offering 15% off all orders through the end of the day. 


Kim said...

Enjoying your art.com posts! I bought a Matisse print years ago that I'm planning to hang in my daughter's bedroom. The early-modern painters' subjects and compositions are a great starting point because of their simplicity.

Sonja Essen said...

I love that Kasimir Malevich print. I need to get that for my toddler's room. Great Post!

Nadya Sagner said...

Love this! I wrote about kids and art recently too.