Some Scenes From The Weekend...

I took advantage of all my extra time due to my recent "drop out" and pretty much just hung with the girlies and B this weekend. And I have to say, it was total bliss.

We paid a visit to their school Halloween carnival, lounged in our PJs, and got into our cozy zone with chili at our neighbor's house on Saturday and a big pot of stew for Sunday dinner.

But the highlight of the weekend (by far) was our pilgrimage down to the new Klyde Warren park yesterday afternoon. The place is just beyond spectacular friends. We frolicked in the children's garden, noshed on sinfully good ice cream sandwiches, did art projects, were wowed by Booker T. Washington's dance cluster, and just generally ambled about marveling at how well executed every. single. detail. was. After doing the park thing for a while, the girlies were hankering for some art, so we hit the DMA too.

It was a completely magical afternoon. I can't wait to go back.

I hope your weekend was splendid. And many thanks for all the support re: the big jewelry class quit. Have I mentioned lately how amazing you guys are?


Unknown said...

I love the way the trees have been decorated along the trunks.

UrbanChiqueNess said...

The culture in Dallas is beyond cool! Glad to hear you soaked it all up...can we also talk about your warm weather. Too chilly here.

Lucia said...

Seriously, how good were those ice cream sandwiches?! REAL mint in the mint chocolate chip, that's how good. And holy freaking smokes, mama -- that park. I think we might be moving up, this ol' city of ours.

cristi said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog for a while now but have never left a comment. I really love how you expose your daughters to art and foster their creativity in general. You're an example for me to follow!
Cristina from Montevideo, Uruguay